Parents Troll Kids Who Have To Go Back To School With Savage Photos

by Tim McGovern
Victoria Tackett/Twitter

Oof, this is just cruel and unusual punishment.

It's every kid's suspicion that when they go off to school their parents party like it's 1999 — you know, the greatest year for parties ever. What ... are you really going to argue with Prince?

Well, this video posted to Twitter pretty much confirms that conspiracy theory. It's true. Parents are getting turnt when kids aren't around in the most parent-way possible.

Todd and Becky Tackett live in Ohio, so you just know they're partying constantly since the Cavs won the championship.

They also have three daughters (I guess that's also important to them), and on their first day of school, the two parents created a video showing their children heading off to pursue some serious higher learning.

When you watch the cute series of photos, at first you'll be like, "D'aww that's sweet," and then you'll be like, "Uh, wait, what the what is happening?"

Potential normcore dad of the year winner Todd Tackett does a serious fake-out by playing hooky with his job and then jumping in the pool with his work clothes on.

Then the married couple proceed to grill, get their drink on and even get lei-ed (no, not in that way).

The whole montage ends with the two driving off into the proverbial sunset, basically reenacting the song "The Way" by the band Fastball.


Wow, whatever street cred these kids had has quickly evaporated so earlier in the school year.

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