A Mythical Mermaid Cafe Exists And It's Taking Rainbow Drinks To The Next Level


Nothing warms the heart like a cup of coffee and your favorite mythical creature.

Thanks to Mermaid Island Cafe -- a mermaid-themed cafe -- you can have the best of both worlds without diving underseas to find it.

Now that you can enjoy all things mermaid on dry land, prepare to feast your eyes on the neon-colored cafe that's full of treats as sweet as the decor.

Is there a better way to serve a Strawberry Vanilla Frapp than this?

If I were you, I'd stop eyeing my treat, Flounder.

Can these mother of pearl cookies look any more delectable?

The hard answer is "no."

Our fishtails are wagging just thinking about the menu possibilities.

There's color, whipped cream, and sprinkles galore, so these concoctions obviously speak to our inner 5-year-old.

If you really want to make the most out of this experience, you'll want to wear the mermaid tail you're given upon arrival.

Move over Ariel, there's a new mermaid in town.

If you need any decor inspo for your apartment, let Mermaid Island Cafe be your guide.

Those tables and stools literally match nothing in my place, but obviously, I need them.

There is one slight issue with Mermaid Island Cafe: it's location. But if you find yourself in Thailand, you're totally in luck, because that's where it's at.

For those who need a little extra convincing as to why Southeast Asia needs to be on your bucket list — in addition to gorgeous sites, beautiful beaches, and reasonable prices — you now have a mermaid cafe, too. So if that's not reason enough to pack your bags, I'm not sure what is.

(There's also an incredibly cool witch cafe in Thailand if you're into the goth thing and want to experience Halloween year-round.)

So pack your bags, find the Airbnb that suits your fancy, and we'll see you in Thailand.