Christmas Light Beard Trend Dominates Holiday Instagrams

There are all sorts of ways you can make your badass beard stand out.

Last year, a lot of hipsters jumped on the beard bauble bandwagon and turned their chins into makeshift fir trees.

Other lumbersexual men decided to pass on the dull ornaments, and instead gave their fuzz a festive makeover by sprinkling a shit ton of sparkles onto their scruff.

If glitter beards and baubles now seem a bit too mainstream for your nonconformist hipster style, don't worry.

We just came across a brand new beard trend that is basically guaranteed to make your beard look more lit than a Christmas tree this year.

Guys are now getting into the holiday spirit by weaving festive fairy lights through their facial hair.

I repeat, hipsters are now wearing Christmas tree lights in their beards, so yeah, I guess it's safe to say hipsters have officially ruined Christmas trees, too.

East Village E20, London, is clearly on a mission to make people's beards shine bright this season because it is offering "beard pimping" services to any men who are interested in decking their beards out in lightbulbs.

That's right. East Village E20 will have a booth dedicated to beard pimping at their Christmas Makers Market on Sunday, December 11, where you can try out this twinkling trend.

If London seems a little out of the way, don't worry.

You can also recreate this look on your own by stringing some cordless fairy lights through your fuzz.

So far we've seen everything from beards clad in the classic clear Christmas tree lights...

...and facial locks laced with mesmerizing multi-colored bulbs... fuzz covered in festive red fairy lights...

...scruff intertwined with twinkling stars...

...and flashy facial hair covered in blinking bulbs.

Not to mention, some lit Decembeards that could put most Christmas trees to shame.

Merry Christmas!

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