Everyone's Mad At Malia Obama's Friends Over Snapchat Of Her Playing Beer Pong

I'm sure you've probably seen some pictures of Malia Obama partying it up at music festivals by now. They're everywhere, and Twitter is not having it.

This summer, we've seen photos showing the first daughter possibly smoking weed and busting some saucy moves. We've also seen proof, yes, Malia has been near a bong.

Are we really surprised? She's 18. Of course, she's going to party a little. She just graduated from high school and is taking a gap year before heading to Harvard.

Here's the most recent photo that surfaced of Malia playing beer pong at a party in Maryland in late August and presumably drinking underage.

The horror! Because most of us hadn't at least tried a beer before turning 21. Right.

She actually looks a little mad here, and I would be, too.

#News_Clash MALIA OBAMA: The UNDERAGE Party Girl – From Big Bongs To Beer Pong — The Politic Manager (@TPoliticmanager) September 13, 2016

OK, now, we need to talk about a very important issue here: Malia's friends.

According to, this photo was sent to them exclusively from a "source." It's obviously a photo taken on Snapchat, so it's safe to assume this source was a snitching friend or some random, disrespectful person at this party.

Why do people around Malia think they have any business snapping these photos of her when they know the pics are going to blow up on the internet if they share them?

Can't Malia hang out, play beer pong and live her life in peace?

Twitter knows what's up.

People know Malia is behaving like a normal 18-year-old...

Malia Obama finna come out like, "I know you took that damn picture." — Isaiah Jones... (@IsaiahBased_) September 13, 2016

...and she should also consider getting a new squad.

She needs more respectful buds who actually think before Snapping and posting pictures.

I feel bad for Malia Obama cause the people she hangs out with SUCK... They are just selling pictures of her to tabs — Alexandria Bryant (@Alexeatsplants) September 13, 2016

Malia should probably ditch the people who are just using her.

Malia will definitely have a chance to make great friends at Harvard. Hopefully, they'll be more careful with posting photos of her having a good time online.

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