Pic Of Malia Obama Partying With Huge Bong Is Twitter's New Favorite Thing

by Alexandra Svokos

World's coolest teen Malia Obama desperately needs some new friends.

The 18-year-old is just doing what any other 18-year-old does -- going to music festivals, college parties and dorm rooms with, apparently, giant bongs in them -- but some asshole friends keep leaking pictures of her to the public.

Can we just let Malia live?

Last year, it was pictures of her at a party at Brown University where beer pong was happening. She was just checking out her school options, and someone had to go take a picture and make it a whole thing.

Then last month, it was a video of her maybe smoking something at Lollapalooza in Chicago.

Now, it's pictures of her allegedly in a fraternity house at the University of Pennsylvania. Pictures hit the internet of her in the house, which happens to have what looks like a giant bong.

Naturally, everyone on Twitter is loving it.

Malia Obama is the true — Tanner Kuykendall (@tannerkuyk) September 8, 2016

And a lot of people are coming to her defense.

Honestly, she's not even smoking it. She's just an 18-year-old in a frat house. Frat houses were created in a culture of rule-breaking and toxic masculinity and, thus, often have massive bongs in them, probably to overcompensate for something.

Can we really be mad at Malia for just being a teen human?

The pictures show Malia wearing the amazing "smoking kills" t-shirt and Harvard baseball cap she was photographed wearing while at the Made in America Festival over the weekend, so it probably adds up this was on the same day.

Since the festival is in Philadelphia, it's not hard to make the leap she was at UPenn.

Malia has been under the national spotlight for eight years and is finally almost out of it. She's taking a gap year then heading to Harvard. She is going to be fine.

Let's not all have a national panic attack over an 18-year-old being in a room with a bong, OK?

Anyway, it's not like her dad never smoked weed. He turned out all right.

But honestly, people who hang out with Malia: Stop taking pictures and posting them on the internet.

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