Lyft Drivers Are Pissed About "Taco Mode" & Don't Want Riders Eating Tacos Bell In Their Cars

By now, most of you have already heard that Lyft is going to be testing "Taco Mode," a new feature allows Lyft riders to stop at Taco Bell during their rides home late at night. This news has many Lyft riders excited, because if the test goes well, it'll mean Taco Mode will be nationwide. However, Lyft drivers are pissed about Taco Mode, and we can't really blame them.

After news broke about Taco Mode on July 25, many concerned Lyft drivers took to Twitter to express their discontent about the possible new feature.

"Hell no! I don't want people eating messy tacos in my car!"

"How dare you invite people to eat in MY car without asking ME?"

"Note to self, never drive Lyft at night."

"You paying me extra for this?"

That's a fair question. I, too, think the drivers should be compensated fairly to make an extra stop and risk a disaster in their backseat.

Some folks are seeing the glass half full and are coming up with solutions to make the new feature work.

This would definitely avoid a mess, but you might risk getting into an altercation.

Others think this new feature might attract an entirely new wave of customers.

Well, @MobilityPulse might be on to something here, but are new customers really worth a huge mess and little pay?

In true Olivia Pope fashion, Lyft used Twitter to assure riders and drivers alike that drivers can choose to opt out of Taco Mode if they don't wish to participate once the feature is officially rolled out.

Taco Mode is being tested for a two week period in the Newport Beach area of California. If the test proves to be successful, then the new feature will roll out nation wide in 2018. Users can only activate Taco Mode between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. — when most people are done partying for the night -- which makes the new feature a worry for drivers.

Let's hope Lyft decides to compensate drivers fairly for the possible new addition to their job description.