This Country Has Way More Selfie-Related Deaths Than Anywhere Else In The World

People are dropping off the face of the Earth for a number of bizarre selfie-related reasons.

That's pretty alarming.

But, can you guess which country has the most selfie-related deaths?

It's India by a long shot. The amount of recorded selfie-related deaths in India since 2014 is a whopping 19, according to Statista, which published the report using data from Priceonomics back in February this year.

Russia comes in second with seven, then the United States in third with five.

So, how are all these reckless snappers losing their lives?

Well, the most common selfie-related death is falling from a height. There have reportedly been 16 recorded incidents of this since 2014.

That's followed by 14 incidents of drowning and eight incidents of getting hit by a train.

Somehow, four people managed to shoot themselves dead while taking pictures of themselves.

According to another Statista chart, London is the most popular city in the world to take selfies. New York City is up there too, and in third place is Amsterdam.

Here's a fun fact that'll make you think about life: Selfies killed more people than sharks last year. True story. By September, there were 12 selfie-related deaths, compared to eight shark-related deaths.

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