Idiot Mugger Unaware Victim Was Live-Streaming Himself Playing Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go is losing popularity fast.

"Look at me, just a lazy Pokémon player," was the sentence one man was saying before apparently being sucker-punched in the side of the head and robbed. He was live-streaming his escapades at the moment of the assault. And there is video evidence of the alleged attack.

This video is intended to be funny, because, you know, it's documentation of how hyper-focused and involved a person can be in Pokémon Go and find themselves completely vulnerable to the outside world. But, mostly it's just pretty scary.

Mugger SuckerPunch wants to battle!

[Insert other bad Pokémon jokes here]

The mugger could not have chosen a worse person to rob though, considering that the criminal's face was immediately broadcasted to all the player's followers. To make matters worse, the phone falls perfectly so that we see the guy bent over his victim, plain as day.

The Pokémon Go player gets his backpack stolen, I think, and then takes off running through the tall grass, throwing down Repel so he doesn't get swarmed by Zubats before he can reach a Pokémon Center.

In the end, the mugger runs away with the bag and phone, not realizing he is, in fact, broadcasting his escape.

The Twitch streamer in question was banged up but seems to have not been hurt too badly.

No word as of yet if the culprit was caught, but I think the chances are pretty high. He messed with the wrong trainer.