Here's How To Make Yourself Poop If You Can't Get Going, According To Experts

by Stacey Leasca
Getty Images

On Wednesday, we brought you the hard-hitting story of "People Who Poop At This Time Of Day Are Healthiest, According To Experts."

In case you missed it, Dr. Kenneth Koch revealed the best time for doing your business is in the morning.

It's truly great knowledge to have and judging by how many of you read the piece, it's clear you care about this...crap. But, what if you CAN'T go? What the hell are you supposed to do then?

Meet the "poop button."

The poop button, as Cosmopolitan points out, is the spot just below your bellybutton. In acupressure, it's also called the Conception Vessel 6 or the "Sea of Energy."

Utilizing this spot is very popular in the acupressure world to solve a plethora of issues, including strengthening the immune system, urinary system, sexual reproductive system and kidneys, according to

So just how can you utilize it to get yourself going? Simply find your personal poop button three finger-widths below your bellybutton. Then, press down firmly for up to three minutes. If it starts to hurt, stop immediately and try again.

As an added bonus, activating this pressure point may also help alleviate emotional stress and increase sexual energy, so feel free to use it liberally.

Think of us next time you're... Actually, never mind. Please don't think of us while doing this at all.

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