People Who Poop At This Time Of Day Are Healthiest, According To Experts

by Kate Ryan

As a lot of us probably feel, the best time to "go" is whenever the moment strikes.  But for the vast majority of us -- aka everyone besides babies -- it isn't so easy.

Maybe you're at the office or a gas station or even, god forbid, on a date.  It just never seems like a great time.

That being said, there is an ideal window for pooping. Dr. Kenneth Koch, certified poop expert (JK I made that up), recently revealed the best time for doing your business, and not-so-surprisingly, it's in the morning.

Right after you wake up, to be precise.

It has to do with your small intestine and colon working overtime while you sleep so that, come morning, you're ready to unload all the Fritos and Bagel Bites you binged on the night before. By 8 am, your body's all like, "Get that crap outta here!"

The key, though, is regularity. A morning dump is really only beneficial when you make it an everyday thing. As Dr. Koch explained to Women's Health,

You can think of 100 reasons you don't have time, but have that breakfast, recognize that urge to have a bowel movement, and then take the time. That's how you get into a regular movement.

So make sure to pencil in a little "me time" every day if you want to keep your insides happy and healthy.

Oh, and probably lay off the Fritos, too.

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