Here's How to Make Sure You Never See Anything About Pokémon Go Again


If anyone is allowed to be sick of seeing stuff about Pokémon Go, it's a person who has written five articles in five days on the subject. That's me. I'm talking about me.

But the thing is, Pokémon Go is just so genuinely cool that I feel like a nerd to hate on it. Still, I can definitely see how having an entire week of the internet be filled to the brim with Rattatas (that's a Pokémon that is just a rat) could get annoying if you're not into it.

This article is for those people.

A man named Jamie Farrelly made a Google Chrome extension that says it can hide every mention of Pokémon Go from the internet for you. He calls it ... PokéGone.

According to reviews, the extension isn't 100 percent foolproof but works OK.

Although, I can only assume that if you do have this extension installed, your Facebook feed will just become blank, with a couple references to Kylie Jenner's lips.

Now I'm just waiting for someone to make an extension that would get rid of all references to “All Lives Matter.” YOU DIDN'T THINK THIS COULD POSSIBLY GET POLITICAL, BUT YOU WERE WRONG!