Guy's Chivalrous Act To Girls Backfires After He Complains About Reaction On FB

by Alexandra Strickler

Holding the door open for people and being greeted with silence in return basically defines my whole existence. It serves as both a literal thing that happens to me all the time, and as a more abstract metaphor for my life in general.

But I only complain about it internally in the screaming monologue that is my stream of consciousness.

Meanwhile, this "nice" guy is super pissed about the effort he exerted to hold not one, but TWO doors open for two different girls, for which he did not receive a "thank you."


Wow. Butthurt doesn't even begin to describe that reaction.

But this person's comment is so on point, it hurts.


Although, I have to admit, I am the actual queen of holding doors open for people when they're so far away, we would need walkie talkies to communicate. I'm sure these people would undoubtedly tell me what an awkward butthole I am.

The so-called nice guy's Facebook post was recently shared on Reddit in a thread titled, "nice guy is so mad that he never got a thank you he just had to post it on facebook."

Reddit users had quite a lot to say about So-Called Nice Guy's sarcastic shoutout.


Or, if you're like me, you do nice things because you're convinced karma is real, and it's coming for you.

There's so much wrong with this, but I have to ask, who are you to certify him as a knight? You better have a fancy laminated card that says, "Certified Knight Certifier."



He's not the hero we want. He's the hero we need.


May I say, though, in all the times I have held doors open for people, it has literally never occurred to me someone would repay me for that favor with sex.

If that's the actual intention behind a guy doing that for me, I'd seriously rather have the door slammed in my face, thank you very much.

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