Internet Can't Decide If Guy's Date With GF's 12-Year-Old Sister Is Appropriate

by Alexandra Strickler

In a world where ghosting is now all but standard protocol in the dating world, and where men can barely handle the idea of a woman's menstrual cycle, young girls need strong examples of solid relationships now more than ever.

I mean, I definitely wish I had a little more guidance when I was younger. My first boyfriend and I broke up and got back together approximately six different times throughout the course of our relationship. It wasn't pretty.

But it's guys like Charlie Egress who are stepping up to show young girls what a proper date and a proper gentleman look like.


Charlie is a freshman at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia. He's dating a lovely girl named Alex, and Alex has an equally lovely 12-year-old sister, Elizabeth.

Charlie's super close with his girlfriend's family. So, on February 18, Charlie decided on a bit of a whim to take his girlfriend's younger sister out on a little dinner date, because why not?

He captioned his tweet,

I took my girlfriends little sister out on a date so she knows how a guy should treat her when she gets older

Charlie felt it was important for Elizabeth to know she deserves to be treated like a princess when she eventually begins her own relationship someday.

Charlie told,

What inspired me was how close I am to my girlfriend's sister and how much I want her to have a relationship like me and my girlfriend do hopefully when she gets to be our age. I just took her out to a nice dinner and gave her some tips about what a guy should do on a typical date. She definitely enjoyed herself, we always have fun together.

Charlie said Elizabeth, who is a young actress, is awesome to be around, and these pics make it look like the feeling is mutual.


Charlie's tweet has already seen about 24,000 retweets and nearly 70,000 likes.

However, Twitter users are slightly divided in how they feel about Charlie and Elizabeth's date.

Some people think it's straight up weird.


And some even suggest it's creepy.


Is it creepy, though?


Amen, @drownlovely.


The world definitely needs more guys like Charlie.


Although, @LightedBieber makes possibly the most important observation of all:


I, too, was also tripping on Twinkies and candy instead of being taken out on super adorable dates.

Ah, to be young again.

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