Video Of Man Popping 20-Year-Old Blackhead Goes Viral

This one goes out to all the freaky people who love squeezing blackheads and other things that emanate from the human body.


Only joking, for I am one of you. So let's enjoy this latest pimple-popping video together.

It comes from a jewelry shop owned by Elle Panyafong. She noticed something gross on her colleague's neck, and instead of ignoring it like most of us would (because, let's face it, being called out like that is mortifying), she made it public knowledge — very, very public knowledge.

She spotted a nasty blackhead that had apparently been lurking inside his skin for 20 years.

Not only did she point it out, she filmed it and plastered it all over the internet — officially making Elle the kind of boss you do not want.

Once the target is acquired, staff waste no time in getting to work.


The squeeze is strong. The squeeze is good.


It doesn't take long for the extraction to reach a head — but my god, did it look like a painful affair.


BE GONE, vile beast. You shall trouble this epidermis no more.


Here is the entire video. Please enjoy every minute of it then scour your colleague's face for impurities.

Well if you've read this far then obviously your thirst for grossness isn't quenched. So I'm going to give you a bonus round.

This video was captured by a group of girls who noticed their friend had a huge pimple on her back.

It's disgusting. Probably the worst pimple pop of all time, and not just because the force at which pus comes out is unholy.

Take a look, but remove any food items from your view, and be warned: This is not for the faint-hearted.

FYI, there is no line anymore.