No One Can Decide If This Little Girl Is Underwater In This Picture

by Eitan Levine

Brace yourselves: "The Dress" part two is happening, and it involves an adorable girl, a pool, splashing water and you yelling very loudly at somebody who disagrees with you about what this picture is of.

If this is anything like the last time there was a question about the base reality of a picture on the Web, we're all about to lose a few friends and find ourselves not able to sleep at night, and I'll refuse to talk to my cousin Alex for the rest of the year because that idiot DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THE COLOR BLUE IS.

Anyway, think long and hard before you dip your fingers into this awful honeypot.

Are you sure you want to see this? OK. It's your Web funeral.

Is this girl jumping into water or is she already underwater?

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I mean, she's obviously out of water because her hair is dry… But also, she's totally underwater, and you can tell because of the shot's colors… But, her bathing suit... But, the bubbles… But, the reflection…


I'm leaving the Internet before this becomes a THING.

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