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No One Can Get Over This 7th Grader's Touching Snapchat Story About Potatoes


We love it when little kids are wiser than adults. And we love it even more when those little kids express their wisdom through social media. And we love it EVEN MORE when those little kids express their wisdom through social media using potatoes.

Like this girl's little sister did:

Twitter user Maria's little sister posted the following two pictures to Snapchat:


Now I bet you're thinking,


Queue clichéd "mind blown" GIF:

Now, remember this kid is very tiny. So let's try not to critique her with the "not seeing race is not a solution to racism — because it erases the very important ways in which ethnicity and multiculturalism are linked in this country." Let's just go ahead and be impressed and call it a day.

Although, actually, I'm going to lob that critique I just tongue-in-cheekly made at the over 20k people who retweeted this. OK, critique  successfully lobbed. Moving on.

Needless to say, Twitter blew up.

This is either a heart or a butt. I choose a butt.

They even gave this meme a name, which I will now improve: Potspiration.

The philosophers crawled out of the woodwork.

And then the literalists followed (who might actually be the satirists).

And a few Twitter users made this very crucial, yet troubling comparison.

Mostly, people felt like this, though: