Girl Writes And Turns In Paper While Drunk, Immediately Regrets It In Morning


Some people in life just give zero fucks and make you jealous you're not one of them.

McKenna Clark definitely DGAF. Her lifestyle is summed up nicely by this assignment that she wrote while completely hammered. Yes, she actually sent it in:

Illegal to kiss on train (mala prohibita) talk about weather it should be illegal or not. It should be legal to kiss on the train because it is romantic. Professor Grams, my name is McKenna, I had some Dr. Pepper's I am doing good. Your assignment is way too hard. I can't do it right now. I am better now, however, because the Dr. Pepper wore off. I am now contemplating the assignemtn that you gave me. It's illegal to kiss on the train because it is a safety violation. If you are kissing while on the train you must realize that it could end up being dangerous. If the driver was kissing on the train, who would be driving the train. You are welcome. Love you,
PSA: don't write papers hammered and then turn them in like me — McKenna clark (@kenna_bo__benna) September 17, 2016


@Paul_Gostas I can't believe I actually sent it in I can't do college anymore — McKenna clark (@kenna_bo__benna) September 17, 2016

You know who else lives and dies by the YOLO life? Drunk Steve. He gets plastered so much, Sober Steve has to leave him notes.

This one reads,

To Drunk Steve, please drink this bottle of water before bed then you can have the chicken wings in the fridge. Hangover Steve will thank you. From Sober Steve

This didn't go down so well with Drunk Steve:

Thought you guys might like this note my friend wrote to himself before going out last night — Mama-friend (@Tarryntino) July 31, 2016

Steve said,

I wrote the note to hopefully lessen the hangover, as I'm now on the wrong side of 30, and they're just getting worse and lasting longer. I'm quite stubborn when drunk so when I saw the note I thought, 'No one tells me what I can and can't do,' so I replied, but I remember I kept getting confused to which Steve I was talking to, hence the crossed out sections.

Oh, Drunk Steve.