This Little Girl Has No Idea Her Giraffe Drawings Just Look Like Huge Dicks

OK, very occasionally, being a parent seems like fun. This is one of those times.

Now, I don't know what it says about me that the only time being a father seems like a good idea is when I am watching a video about a little kid who, in an attempt to draw a family of giraffes, accidentally ends up drawing four penises in chalk on a sidewalk, but, what can I say, the stupidity of children charms me.

This little girl's father, who is videotaping this beautiful mural his daughter slaved over, asks his daughter to explain the anatomy of these "giraffes."

So she goes around pointing out the "big legs" and "eyes" and "bottom part" of the penis-giraffes, while her dad tries not to laugh.

She ends the video with a disclaimer (because she was sure her father would notice and think she messed up), saying,

Giraffes are animals, so I didn't give them a belly button.

Now, I know her lesson about the anatomy of a giraffe was very quick, and it was difficult to absorb the plethora of information she dished out. But worry not, I have put together a diagram that you may study at your leisure below.

Alec MacDonald

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