Viral Fitness Mom Shares Pic Of Her Body 5 Days After Giving Birth


One week after giving birth, fitness model and eighth Wonder of the World Chontel Duncan is looking great.

For most people, pregnancy destroys their bodies. It's just the way of the world. You give some of your life in order to sustain new life. It's super Zen, but it also gives you stretch marks, so it super sucks.

But, there are exceptions to this rule, and the most impressive exception of all time is Chontel Duncan.

For the past few months, the Internet has been mystified by the pregnancy of Duncan, who, 37 weeks into her pregnancy, looked better than most of us look at our best.

Unsurprisingly, Chontel gave birth a week ago, and based on her Instagram, she's already looking fantastic.

That's just not fair.

In case you're wondering how Chontel and baby Miah are doing, she captioned the post with a lengthy update.

She said,

My body is tender, it feels like someone did 12 rounds in the boxing ring using my core as the target. So much swelling is yet to go down & so much healing is yet to happen. I haven't seen my [general practitioner] yet to see how my first week of healing has gone but when i do, it'll be then that I will be able to see a goal ahead with my healing process. The midwife & nurses follow up went well so fingers crossed I have a speedy recovery & continue on the straight road ahead. It's super crazy how different my body feels, I can't believe my bump is gone & I no longer have my baby hiding inside of me. To a degree I miss it but reality of actually having Miah in my arms is so much better. I wonder because I can't get back into training for a longer period of time how my body will change through purely just recovery/rest and nutrition... I'm excited because it gives me more time with Miah lol I'm an obsessive new mummy!!! Miah has settled in like a champ, feeds really well & sleeps heaps. I am so grateful to have had such a healthy happy baby. Looking forward to learning more about parenthood and to see the changes in my body as time persists.

Everyone is doing fine. Chontel is taking a small fitness break and spending time with her healthy baby, who I assume can already bench press a Kia Sedona.

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