The Viral Pregnant Fitness Model With Incredible Abs Just Had Her Baby

I'm willing to bet this baby is already super fahkin' ripped.

Normally, pregnancy kind of destroys your body. That's the way it's always been. You get pregnant, you let the little parasite suck the life force out of you and then you deposit it into the world. It's almost like babies are tiny Dementors who live in your body until you Expecto Patronum them out of your genitals.

For weeks, the Internet has been amazed with the exception to this rule, a fitness model named Chontel Duncan whose body isn't a body as much as the eighth Wonder of the World.

I MEAN, these two ladies are four to five weeks apart in their pregnancies.


Now, the wait is over to see what Chontel has been growing in her body all these months! She gave birth on Friday to a baby boy -- and not a box of Clif Bars like we all kind of assumed she would birth.

She captioned the post, telling fans,

Introducing Little D Jeremiah Thomas Duncan Born: 'good Friday' 8:24pm 25th March 2016 Weighing: 7'13 pounds (3.5kg) 53cm long 39weeks /2days Healthy happy baby boy, absolutely nothing medically wrong with bubba, he is extremely alert and very strong shocking the staff here with his arms and neck strength. Absolute champion on the boob & feeding very regularly no problem.

Is it too soon to be dubbing this baby “Lil' Hulk”?

Chontel is unsurprisingly doing great.

She even had time to do a small bit of ad placement for this contouring powder, seemingly from inside of her hospital room.

This baby will eventually save our planet from General Zod.

I'm very excited for the Netflix series based off the crime-fighting lifestyle this baby chooses to live.

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