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Blogger Posts Side-By-Side Pic To Show How Much Bloating Changes Your Body


We all know the feeling: You wanted to wear that LBD out tonight, but you couldn't resist Pizza Friday at the office, and now, you feel extremely bloated.

Then, you remember that interview you watched of flawless Gigi Hadid, in which she claimed she ate a burger every day for a year, and you think,

Well, fitness blogger Tiffany Brien is here to prove you're not alone. Everyone bloats -- even Gigi Hadid -- but people just aren't posting it to social media.

To demonstrate her point, the model posted side-by-side photos to Facebook, one showing what her stomach looks like when she's bloated and one showing what her stomach looks like when she's not.

Along with the photos, she wrote,

As if she couldn't get any more relatable, Brien also revealed she has no idea what caused the bloating in this particular photo, a predicament I find myself in too often.

She continued,

While Tiffany claims the photo of her bloat was just taken on a "bad day," she does have some tips to try and prevent this normal, common, human problem for anyone who's wondering. Some of these tips include getting enough sleep, keeping a food diary to figure out what food is making you bloat, drinking some peppermint tea and trying to relax since stress can be a major factor.

Brien's words of wisdom have since been shared more than 15,000 times, and I'm really not surprised. We need more women speaking out about these common issues that make us all feel insecure about our bodies sometimes.

Plus, yeah, I totally just wrote all of her tips down.

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