Disgusting 'Fetus' Found In Woman's Bloody Mary Mix Will Ruin Brunch Forever


Finding something where it doesn't belong can really catch you off guard.

Remember when we told you about that woman who bought a dress from Zara and discovered it came with a free rat sewn right into its lining?

Well, if the thought of finding a decaying animal in your dress is enough to give you nightmares you might want to brace yourself.

A woman just found something in her Bloody Mary mix that makes finding a dead rat in your dress seem not so bad after all.

That's right. Jade Smith, a 29-year-old woman from Britain, recently set out to make some delicious Bloody Mary drinks from scratch.

So she hit up her local grocery store, Aldi, for all the essential ingredients.

Normally, the standard recipe for this boozy brunch drink includes vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, Tabasco sauce, a lemon and a stick of celery.

However, as Smith began making the Bloody Marys, she discovered her tomato juice contained an extra ingredient that's absolutely terrifying.

According to Smith,

I opened it and it didn't feel right, so for some reason I decided to open the actual container. When I shook it, it felt like there was something hard in there.

It's a good thing she decided to check the container because upon further inspection, Smith discovered an object at the bottom of the carton that “looked like a fetus.”

Yeah, talk about a discovery that will really make you lose your appetite.

According to Smith,

When I got to the bottom I found this vile object. I looked at it and took it out because I could just not believe it.

Smith described the mysterious object in the carton as a fetus because it had “an eye and two little legs.”

She posted a photo of her disgusting discovery on Facebook and made a complaint to the customer service department at the grocery store.


Aldi has since issued Smith a $10 gift card for her troubles.

Plus, the store also offered to conduct an analysis of the unidentified object found in the tomato juice.


Upon examining the object, Aldi an apology letter to Smith that stated,

We have conducted our assessment on the above complaint and we have identified the foreign body as mold and not as sinister as you first suspected. We have been unable to explain the exact cause of this incident, but it may have been caused by a breach in the packaging allowing air to enter.

Regardless, I think it's safe to say Smith will probably be skipping out on the Bloody Marys for a while.

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