Emoji Face Masks Exist Now And They're Scary AF

If you've ever dreamt about becoming an emoji, now's your time to shine.

A Taiwan-based brand, Petite Amie Skincare, recently created skin masks that look like emojis, opening up a world of animated skincare we've never seen before.

However, these emoji skin masks aren't as innocent as they sound. Sure, it's easy to assume an emoji-inspired skin mask is harmless, right?

I mean, looking like a heart-eyed smiley face is basically the epitome of innocence.



As iconic as emojis are, skin masks inspired by the smiley faces look rather nightmarish and resemble a scene out of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (I'm exaggerating, but you get the point).

There are a few different brands that have created their own versions, but the ones Petite Amie Skincare released are definitely the most interesting.

But as scary as they look, they'll do wonders for your pours.

Each mask has a different use for the skin to reflect the emoji being used.

Petite Amie Skincare

For example, the scared face emoji — aka the "Scream Masque" — acts as a face lifting treatment, while the heart eyes emoji — aka the "Love Masque" — uses organic rose extract to renovate the cells in your skin.

Clever, right?

Some people were anxious to give the emoji masks a try.

The angry face emoji mask is devilish enough to give you nightmares.


The heart eyes make this beauty product a little less terrifying.


But other emoji face masks are just plain creepy.


Double the scare (and skincare).


As scary as they seem, it looks like they work.

Regardless of how you'll look while wearing the mask, what's most important is what happens when you remove it.

If you're curious about trying one, click here. They're $10 and definitely worth smooth skin and a fun scare.

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