Elderly Couple Buys Mom Wine After Watching Her Deal With Screaming Kids In Store

by Jamie LeeLo

In the ultimate feel-good news of the day, a young mom is singing the praises of two strangers who took her day from stressful to blissful after a disastrous encounter in a supermarket.

On a regular ol' Tuesday in Port Stephens, Australia, Alex Goodsir, 28, was attempting to grocery shop with her three very young children. And, YIKES, was it one of those days for her.

Fortunately, a kind elderly couple was there to save Goodsir's day. According to, the couple saw Goodsir having just a no-good, very bad day, so to make her feel better, they gave her some wine and words of encouragement. Gosh darn it, I love old people.

Goodsir's children are 4 years old, 2 years old and 8 months old, and she was shopping with the intention of picking up the bare essentials. Should be pretty straightforward, right? Wrong.


As if herding three small kids isn't enough of a headache, Goodsir's youngest daughter also has a condition called hip dysplasia, causing her to have a cast on half of her body.

Of course, the kids also wanted chocolate for breakfast (HA, KIDS), but Goodsir wasn't having it. She told, "the kids wanted to buy chocolate for breakfast, but Mummy wasn't letting [that] happen, so things were tense."

To make matters worse, the grocery store was heinously OUT of her daughter's favorite ice cream pops, causing her to throw a massive temper tantrum. And then, her 2-year-old managed to split up a bag of frozen peas that then spilled all over the floor of the store. Yikes. Poor mom.

She explains, "It was just one of those days where it was busy in the shop, and I just trying to get in, buy the groceries and get home."


After some time and struggle, Goodsir was taking her groceries and children to the car in the parking lot when an elderly couple, who was not identified, approached her.

Goodsir half expected them to give her some parenting advice and a good scolding, but what they offered her instead was so much better.

She said, "Instead, they handed me two bottles of wine. They said they know how hard parenting can be on the best of days, so here's some wine and to enjoy a glass or two on them."

Goodsir told she felt like she was "failing" as a parent that day, so the kind gesture went a long way, saying, "Afterwards I felt amazing... I felt I had a massive fail of a day, so for them to acknowledge that parenting is hard and say that I was doing OK meant so much."

Cheers to that!

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