Good And Bad, Thick And Thin: 6 Reasons Your Mom Is Your Lifelong BFF


Throughout your life, you’ll have dozens of friends and loved ones who make lasting impressions on you.

But, there is only one woman, one superhero-like lady, who has been there for you since the moment you entered this world.

She's been with you through all your troubling and trying years; she's become a role model of what it means to be a loving person.

This woman is your mom. She’s your rock and your guide, but most importantly, she’s the best friend you’ll ever have. Here’s why:

1. She’s seen you at your worst and at your best.

Your mother has been there through your terrible twos, your moody teenage years and beyond.

She stuck by your side when you said things you didn't mean or made a handful of wrong decisions. But, she was also there when you graduated high school, made the soccer team or got the lead in the school play.

She wiped your tears when you cried on your first day of kindergarten and on your first day of college. Through every stage of your life, good and bad, she’s been right by your side.

2. She supports your wildest dreams.

Whether it’s picking which club to join, college to attend or career to pursue, your mom wants you to find your own happiness.

Even if it’s unrealistic or seems impossible to everyone else, your mom truly believes you can do anything because you are her child.

She knows just how much you’re capable of doing, and her support has made you believe in yourself more, too.

3. Spending time with your mom is the best.

You love spending time with her because you share common interests or hobbies.

There are just some special activities you reserve for you and Mom, whether it’s walking in the park, going to the bookstore, having lunch out or enjoying a cozy movie night.

You look forward to the next time it’s just the two of you because it just wouldn’t be the same with anyone else. And, there’s just something comforting about time with your mom.

4. She gives the best advice because she’s been there.

When you need to hear the cold, hard truth or just her opinion, she always has the best advice. Your mom makes you realize your problems aren’t the end of the world.

After a phone call with Mom, you know everything will be okay because you have her.

She’s also lived through all the struggles of dating, school, jobs, friendship and family so her advice always comes from a place of understanding.

While it’s nice to have friends to talk to, your mom has a whole other world of knowledge that makes talking to her so reassuring.

5. She never gives up on you.

No matter what mistakes you make or how long you’re away, your mom will never give up on you.

It doesn’t make a difference how old you are or how experienced you are; your mom still remembers that innocent child she nurtured and walked through the elementary stages of life with.

She knows the goodness, talent and potential in you, and she truly believes you are as amazing as she says you are.

6. She loves you unconditionally.

Your mom will always love you with everything in her. She'll always be the person you can turn to and look to as an example of what it truly means to love someone.

The selflessness she has shown you makes you realize just how special your mom has always been to you and will always be.

She’s the most important woman in your life, and her love is greater than any time or space. She sees who you really, truly are, and she loves you so much because of that.

So thank you, moms. Your support, selflessness and unending love have made you the best friends we could ever have.