This Dog Trying To Share A Bone With His Reflection Is Too Pure For The Internet

by Collette Reitz
Eric Smith

There are a lot of reasons to be grateful for having a dog in your life. They're cuddly, almost always adorable, and they can pull off even the most ridiculous of costumes some of their owners put them in. However, pups can also be surprisingly good examples for humankind. Take, for example, this viral video of a dog sharing a bone with his reflection in a mirror. As soon as he gets a treat, his instinct reaction is to think of another pup.

Twitter user Eric Smith posted the video online and immediately melted the internet's heart. This corgi is so set on being able to share the wealth with his doggy doppelgänger that he doesn't even take a moment to inspect the properties of a mirror -- his intentions are that pure. The video may be less than 30 seconds, but it will definitely put a smile on your (possibly tear-soaked) face for the rest of the day.

Need proof? Look no further than Twitter. Once the video hit the Twitterverse, there was no shortage of praise for this corgi and his altruistic puppy heart. Seriously, Twitter could hardly handle the pure innocence of this little guy just living out the age-old notion that "sharing is caring."

These admirers of the pup couldn't even come up with the words to describe how this video impacted them.

So. Many. Emotions.

A little glimpse of the goodness in this corgi can be enough to make you lose your words, and the only way to convey your true feelings is through a GIF. Sometimes, all those feels can only be communicated by Kristen Bell reacting to meeting a sloth.

Some tears were shed. Look at all the swoon-worthy tweets.

Maybe all of Twitter was cutting onions at exactly the same time? Nope, I think that this tiny dog just single-handedly broke Twitter. It's a good thing that your seasonal allergies were already acting up, because that means you had your tissues handy as this Corgi casually tugged at your heartstrings.

People realized that this corgi could set an example for everyone.

Seriously, this little guy was just going about his day when he happened to get a bone (probably because he was such a good boy!). His instinctual next move was to attempt to share his goody with a pal -- there was no acting or showboating for a camera. Hopefully, people watching this video will be reminded that it's the little good deeds that add up to a caring society. Thankfully, we've been able to see how people pull together in tough times in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The idea that this dog may be too pure for humankind came up.

Maybe the undeserving feeling comes from the fact that dogs can only speak through their actions -- they show how much they care. As people who are capable of verbalizing their feelings, it can be easy to forget that actions really do speak louder than words. Sometimes, showing someone that you care is all they need.

So, the next time you're racking your brain for the right words to say in a tough situation, you can take a cue from this corgi and show up with a hug, lend a helping hand, or just simply be there. Your actions are sure to be appreciated by whomever is in need of them.

If you need more proof that dogs have the biggest hearts, then check out this viral tweet of a heartbroken puppy who left food for his friend that died. Honestly, this pup's capacity for caring is so sweet. This video will definitely bring on the tears, though, so make sure you have closed-door lunchtime viewing.