Disneyland's Bat Wing Sundae Is The Spooky Treat You Need This Halloween


If no Halloween season is complete without a themed treat, then Disneyland is here for you. The theme park is almost as well known for having some of the most delicious food offerings as it is for the Mouse that started it all. This fall, you'll only be doing the season justice if you get your hands on Disney's latest ice cream treat. Given that it's a seasonal offering, you might be wondering how long will Disneyland's Bat Wing Sundae be available?

Disneyland's newest spooky treat is currently being served up at Clarabelle's Hand-Scooped Ice Cream in the California Adventure Park. The official name of this latest Disney offering is "The Bat Wing Raspberry Sundae." What will you get when order what sounds like Dracula's dream dessert? A lot: A matching set of bat wing cookies flanks scoops of raspberry-swirled and white chocolate ice cream, and it's all topped off with raspberry drizzle, red sprinkles, and whipped cream. After indulging in this seasonal sweet, you'll be glad you decided to forgo "tricks" in favor of "treats."

If long lines and haunted houses are not your thing, then a stop at Clarabelle's for what is basically the contents of a killer trick-or-treat haul combined into a sundae is the best way to beat the heat in this warmer-than-usual fall.

Oh, and your Instagram feed will be getting all the likes, that is, if you can wait to snap a pic before digging into the devilish delight. Just make sure you get to the park before all the jack-o'-lanterns go dark for good (aka before Oct. 31) to ensure that you can check this sundae of your fall treats bucket list; this ice cream's haunting aesthetic will put your single scoop of pumpkin spice to shame.

If your mom always told you that you couldn't have dessert until you finished your dinner, then Disneyland won't get in your way. In fact, the theme park has many savory options that you can polish off before heading to the ice cream shop. One of the newest offerings combines a couple of your favorite guilty pleasures into one complete dish. Brace yourself for this one because it might just blow your mind a little bit.

OK, ready? Your next meal at Disneyland is definitely going to be Corn Dog Nachos. At first, this might not sound like an actual meal because on their own, a corn dog or a plate of nachos could just be considered a snack hold you over until you can get actual dinner, but put them together, and you've got a real dinner right there.

According to Food & Wine, this is sort of a good news/bad news deal. The good news? This delectable dream meal exists. The not so great news? It's only there until the end of September, so if you needed an excuse to get to Disneyland ASAP, then look no further. A spontaneous midweek trip to Disney is exactly what leftover vacation days are for anyway, right? Need some more enticement? Let's dig a little deeper into this creation.

You'll be getting your basic nacho flavors: melted cheese, jalapeños, diced olives, and tomatoes, and it's all topped with guacamole. Not too exciting on its own, but then Disney goes ahead and ditches the tortilla chips and swaps them out for mini corn dogs. This change is a welcome one on a couple of levels because well, first, corn dogs are just plain delicious and topping them with nachos seems like such a no-brainer that I can't believe it hasn't been done before. Secondly, nacho chips are fragile little things. How many times do you find yourself with cheese-covered hands because half of your chips wind up in pieces not dipping them is not an option?

So, if you're looking to up your nacho game or satisfy your seasonal sweet tooth, then Disneyland is where you want to be this Halloween.

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