A Couple Having Loud Sex Stopped A Live Tennis Match And The Video Is Hilarious

by Sean Abrams

There are a variety of things that can abruptly halt a live sporting event: an emergency in the stands, the breaking of bones on-field or something as simple as a "time out."

But in this case, a tennis match at the Sarasota Open was rudely interrupted by the aggressive sounds of a woman in agony — no, wait, I mean ecstasy.

Yep, she was having sex.

Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger were in the midst of battling it out with their rackets, letting out their own grunts with each swing, when other kinds of noises began to resonate throughout the quiet stadium.

Around :15 is when the moans become distinct, with Tiafoe looking up and grinning real hard right before an attempted serve across the court to Krueger.

The audience begins to let out awkward chuckles, with play-by-play commentator Mike Cation calling it quite the "bizarre situation."

"I'm not sure how to put this folks," he begins to say, "but someone's phone is going off in the stands... and it's an adult video."

Well, that's what he thinks, at least.


The game picks up as per usual, but the intense sounds of passion begin to pick up again at around 1:50.

"I still hear it... it's still going," Cation utters out of shock. (Maybe Cation's time in the sack has been short-lived, but sorry to break it to you buddy: Sex can last longer than a minute.)


Because this is a sporting event and tennis is typically on the quiet side, it's clear Tiafoe is getting fed up. He wants to get the show on the road.

Before serving the ball over to Krueger, he turns and blurts out, "It can't be that good!" in an explosive, yet comical, fit.

The audience lets out a roar of laughter, clearly just as confused as Tiafoe, Krueger and commentator Cation.

A mother is even shown covering her son's young ears, because when she bought tickets to the match, she was unaware she'd be bringing the boy to a live sex show.


The match went on as scheduled, with Cation concluding that the sounds weren't being emitted from a video, but instead from an apartment across from the neighboring lake.

My guess is the couple had all their windows open... and were probably hangin' out of them while banging.

Tiafoe went on to win the match 6-3, 6-2, but we all know who the real winners of the night were.

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