Guy Interrupts Couple Having Sex On Hood Of Car To Offer Some Encouragement

So, is doing it out in the open a pretty normal thing these days? Because I need TWO hands to count the number of stories I've read this year involving people having public sex and not giving af.

They're literally springing up every week (of course that pun was intended).

You know what? I want to rattle a few of these off so you know I'm not making this stuff up: There's that couple who had sex in a park right next to a kid in Portugal. There's that guy who was filmed casually going down on a girl in a Russian nightclub. And how could we forget about Mr. Fellatio Ferris Wheel?

There are more — trust me.

But today's no-shame sex video (which is too graphic to post here, so view at your own risk) comes from a parking lot somewhere in the world. Probably the good ol' US of A, if we're guessing by the accent.


This guy filmed himself walking up to a dude going to town on a girl on the hood of a car. If this man didn't catch them at it, someone else would have; it's very public.

The young lovers don't notice the guy at first, that is until he swings round and gets up in their grill.

But that doesn't stop the plower. No. He's mid-coitus, and pulling out now would just upset his flow.


Then, they receive some unlikely words of encouragement from the cameraman:

Good good, bro, handle your business. Handle your business, G.

The girl gets embarrassed and pulls her lover towards her to block the camera view. Then the guy filming says,

Fuck it — it's already done!

True dat.


They take it in good spirit, but, to be fair, I guess you'd have to be a good-spirited kind of person to make love on a car's hood in public.

We give this piece of sex 8/10 for boldness, but 4/10 for sloppy execution.