Strangers Guess Why Their Blind Dates Are Still Single And It's So Awkward

This is the most awkward interaction of all time, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

The Skin Deep perfected the art of making people as uncomfortable on camera as possible, and it's amazing. Shoving two people in a bare room and making them talk about the heaviest subjects imaginable is pure genius.

Sometimes there's cute and silly awkwardness, like in the case of this couple who is expecting their first child and sat down to talk about how a baby can change a marriage.

Other times, it's a heartbreaking narrative, like this ex-couple who got a chance to ask each other questions they never got a chance to before.

In the latest installment, The Skin Deep had complete strangers Karin and Adel literally go on a blind date on camera, complete with the most cutting personal questions possible, and it was beyond awkward.

They JUST met, and Adel is now being forced to explain to Karin why she thinks he's single.


I don't know either of them, and I got chills during sections of this video.