Exes Ask Each Other Questions They Never Had A Chance To While Dating (Video)

by Eitan Levine

Two brave exes agreed to sit down and talk in front of cameras about why their relationship failed.

What resulted was a video more truthful and heartfelt than anything Hollywood has produced in the past 20 years.

Glamour magazine put together this relationship postmortem featuring real-life former couple Ali and Andrew.

Things start off emotional when Ali confronts Andrew about why he cheated on her, and although the mood gets a little lighter after that, it stays palpably tense throughout.

Watch part one here:

In the second video (which you can watch below), they discuss the question of second chances, what advice they would give each other’s potential new partners, who is to blame for the breakup and whether or not they would consider ever getting back together.

You can watch the second video here.

This is real life. F*ck Nicholas Sparks.