Chipotle Is Finally Adding Queso To Its Menu And Twitter Is Crying Tears Of Joy

by Collette Reitz
SAUL LOEB/ Getty Images

You know those days when you could really go for a carnitas burrito bowl, but then you remember your only choices for chip-dipping at Chipotle are salsa or guac? Well, say adios to your condiment conundrum because Chipotle is adding queso to its menu. Of course, the first place to go when news of this magnitude drops is Twitter, and these queso lovers did not disappoint with their responses.

First, let's get some details on how you can snag some cheesy goodness with your next burrito. According to Business Insider, queso dip will be available at all U.S. Chipotle locations beginning Sept. 12 -- yep, all locations (no limited release nonsense). For just $1.25, you can add queso dip to your entrée, but if you're really feeling it, it'll cost you up to $5.25 for a large side order of the dip with chips.

Chipotle has been tinkering with the recipe since it debuted in its New York City test kitchen in July. It's made changes based on customer feedback to make sure you are getting the best they have to offer. Chipotle told Business Insider that the recipe that will debut in all U.S. chains "has proved very popular with customers."

It's already popular with this very passionate Twitter user.

Others found the news of the release to be akin to a humanitarian effort (#Queso2020).

Some didn't want to get too emotional.

With the Apple event and the queso debut, Drake said it best when he sang, it's "goin' up on a Tuesday."

It's never too early to start planning for the big day.

True friendship is built on chips and cheese.

Who wants to airmail some queso to this guy with the unfortunate timing?

If you're in the United States, though, feel free to jump around in anticipation of queso day.

Twitter is very much ready for this cheesy burrito upgrade. Are you? Find out on Sept. 12.