China's Richest Dog Has 8 iPhone 7s And He Wants You To Know It


Today, I feel like a very sad, broke individual.

After discovering Kim Kardashian was gifted a second diamond engagement ring, my morale was hit — hard. But things just got worse, because a dog owns an iPhone 7, and I do not.

In fact, she owns multiple iPhone 7s.

Wang Sicong, son of the richest man in China, recently posted photos of his dog, Coco, nonchalantly sitting next to a pile of Apple's newest release.

Casual, right?


Hey, um, can I have one of those? I'll trade you for a biscuit.

According to Mashable, Wang posted the pictures of his very privileged canine onto a page dedicated to the pup on China's biggest social media platform, Weibo.

He was able to afford all of the iPhones because his father, Wang Jianlin, is worth $4.3 billion.

Hell, if I had that kind of dough, I'd buy my dog an iPhone (or eight), too.

It's safe to say this dog leads a better life than most humans do.


Tell us, Wang Sicong, what does Coco plan on doing with the phones?

Does she plan on using them at all, or are you just trying to show off your wealth and make us all envious of the fact you own all of the iPhone 7s left in the world?

Either way, Coco is livin' the life, and I am one jealous gal.