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There's A 'Cannibal Rat' Haunting New York City's Subway Stations (Video)

Remember everyone's favorite furry little NYC pizza lover of 2015?

Well, 2016 has a new *adorable* rodent video for New Yorkers to love: a rat dragging along the cold, lifeless carcass of another rat!

Man, so relatable, right? So New York!

Caught on film carrying its late friend down the steps to the F train, this cute lil' (possible murderer) rat has been affectionately dubbed "Cannibal Rat." Many are seeing it as the dark, sociopath cousin of Pizza Rat.

Me, I say let's dig a little deeper into this rat's psyche. I see a tragic tale of a fallen warrior, and his brave and broken comrade not yet able to let him go. Must we assume this rat is a killer?

Must we assume the worst in our furry, disease-laden friends we share this cement world with?

Pizza Rat may share our love of greasy food, but this rat represents something bigger. I say, we should stand by Cannibal Rat. Because maybe, just maybe, we are all Cannibal Rat, too.

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