This Bride Lost Two Wedding Rings After Being Married For Just Two Days


Either this woman is the most unlucky person of all time or God is doing everything in his or her power to let these two people know they should in no way be married.

Losing a wedding ring is the worst thing that can happen to a bride.

It's worse than having a full cake dropped on her. It's worse than having the bride's dress accidentally catch on fire. And it's probably worse than having a former sorority sister make a toast involving some comment about how she can't believe someone would marry the bride because she was “the f*ckin' dopest party girl at Sigma Nu.”

But, that's exactly what happened to Alena Gale Smith of Moncks Corner, South Carolina.

Twice (the ring thing, not the sorority girl thing).

Alena was in the process of marrying her new husband, Trent, when the mini-disaster happened.

She told ABC News,

During the reception, Trent was taking out the ring pouch from his pocket with the intention of putting the band on Alena's finger when God and the elemental forces decided they didn't want that to happen.

Recounting the event, Gale Smith said,

Despite his best efforts, Trent couldn't find the ring in the water.

When he got back on the boat, the couple made the decision to carry on the wedding, despite being ringless, so the pair could at least get some photos while the boat was docked.

Trent changed into a dry shirt graciously provided to him by the boat's captain, and the couple finished up the ceremony before the sun went down.

But fate wasn't done sending subtle hints to the couple. Two days later, Alena lost her second nuptial-related ring.

She told ABC News,

Alena said the ring probably slipped off her finger because it was already big for her, and she recently lost some weight.

Despite the awful series of events, the couple is trying to remain optimistic about the situation.

Gale Smith said,

Trent probably isn't as lovey-dovey about the whole thing, though. He is reportedly out $5,000, and according to Alena, he said he does not plan on replacing the rings any time soon.

Good call, Trent. Way to take the hint.

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