Groom Tricks His Bride At Wedding When The Waiters Destroy The Cake (Video)

This groom is a grade-A jerk.

Did you watch it? OK, good. You got a little mad at the groom, right? Great, me too.

OK, more importantly, did you see that room?!?! Can we talk about the room this wedding is in for a second!?!?? That is a classy ass room!

My cousin got married at a Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Brunswick, New Jersey right off Route 27.

Meanwhile, this lady is eating her cake under a massive oil painting in a room that looks like it should be in an episode of "The Borgias."

Are all British weddings in rooms this nice? I wanna get married in a classy ass room. Is Pippa still single?

Someone get me in touch with Pippa's people.

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