There's A Scientific Reason You Keep Texting Your Ex After You Break Up

by Leigh Weingus

There's no question about it: No matter what the circumstances, breakups absolutely, completely and totally suck.

In the Bustle video above, neuroscientist Lucy Brown breaks down exactly what's going on in the brain when a person goes through a breakup.

As you probably suspected, love really is a drug: Our brains react to heartbreak in the same way they do to cocaine withdrawal. 

I'll let your brain process that one for a second.

As if that wasn't enough, here's another fact to chew on. Although a person may be completely unhappy with someone and know he or she's a bad match, it takes a while for the pleasure and reward centers of the brain to figure out what's going on. So whether we all like it or not, we stay in love with our exes after we break up with them.

This could explain why a late-night text from your ex makes you feel all the feelings, even when you're the one who did the breaking up.

Yep, breakups are really f*cking rough. But according to slightly less depressing research, it takes most of us roughly 11 weeks to get over breakups.

So, that's something... right?

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