'Beauty And The Beast' Promposal Makes Your Prom Look Like Amateur Hour


High school is rich with fond memories, and one of the biggest is of course prom.

I remember my own promposal like it was yesterday. I was in my college English class (that's right, your girl was a nerd as expected) and I turned around and asked my best guy friend from first grade,

Hey, so I don't think anyone is going to ask me to prom. You wanna go together?

Tale as old as time...

So, am I jealous that this young lady got a super adorable promposal based on my favorite Disney movie? No, I'm an adult and I can be happy for others.

Seriously, how cute is this guy!?

Twitter user Valerie posted the photos of her adorable proposal, which featured fairy lights, enchanted roses and her prom date in a full Beast-inspired costume, which he made himself.

Oh, you're wondering about the soundtrack? Of course there was a soundtrack. This guy is obviously not some amateur.

Playing in the background was Ariana Grande and John Legend singing the title theme of "Beauty and the Beast."

Obviously, this isn't the first romantic promposal that makes me think I did high school wrong.

This straight guy asking his gay best friend to prom. It is everything you could ever want in a friendship.

There's plenty of inspiration here to make your promposal the best ever.

Though, it should go without saying, if your promposal results in a trip to the emergency room, you may have done it wrong.

I'm not saying these are the best years of your lives, but it can be fun.

SURE! Not everyone is going to have that romantic "Beauty and the Beast" proposal, but I turned out just fine. I had a lot of fun at prom, I didn't have to impress my date, and I kept my virginity intact for years to come...


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