This Guy's Promposal To His Girlfriend Landed Her In The Emergency Room

If I was Carly Walling, I would stay the hell away from Dylan Buckley at prom.

Over the past few years, it became patently uncool to just go up to a lady you're involved with, hand her some flowers and request she joins you to whatever themed party your school is throwing. With the invention of the Internet and the concept of students putting effort into everything they do, asking someone out now involves nothing short of a flash mob and a viral GoFundMe campaign to get a girl to even consider coming with you to prom.

This could be a dangerous trend, though, as California senior Carly Walling can attest after her boyfriend nearly killed her trying to get her to go to prom with him.

It all started when her boyfriend, Dylan, decided to take his romantic gesture to the seas! And by that, I mean he wore a captain's hat and put up a poster in her garage.

The poster said,

Carly, I need someone special to keep me afloat for our dance on the boat. Prom with me?

The prom is happening on some ship in San Francisco, and Carly is a lifeguard, so the ocean theme does fit with everything. The promposal also reportedly included a gift basket with a framed picture of the couple, pink daisies, Ghirardelli sea salt caramel chocolates and salt water taffy.

As sweet as a sea-themed prom proposal in a garage sounds, that's where the romantic event ended.

After a basketball game following the promposal, Carly started to feel itchy, and by the time she was brought home, a giant red rash broke out over her collarbone and neck that slowly started to turn into white hives. Once her throat started to close up, she knew it was an allergic reaction, and her family immediately rushed her to an emergency room.

Carly's condition was kind of severe when she got to the ER.

She told Seventeen,

The nurses were giving me worried looks from the moment I walked in. I guess by that time the reaction had reached my face and my eyes were swollen shut.

Thankfully, everything got taken care of, and after five hours, Carly was released from the hospital. Though she may have contracted the allergic reaction from a protein bar or turkey sandwich she ate earlier in the day, doctors think the hospital visit was more likely a result of the taffy from Dylan.

He asked me to prom and I was so excited that I ended up in the hospital — Carly (@Carrllyyy_) March 25, 2016

Long story short, never try to do anything nice ever.

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