21 Amazing Promposals That Are Better Than Most Marriage Proposals

Back in my high school days, asking a girl to prom by giving her flowers or writing on her car was considered pretty elaborate.

But, those sweet courting gestures seem pretty pitiful compared to the insane "promposals" high school kids are flexing these days.

It may seem hard to believe, but yes, "promposals" actually a thing. There's pretty much a "prompocalypse" taking the country by storm as teens up the ante on popping the big question.

As a growing number of high school kids post #promposal pics on social media, it's pretty clear teens will stop at nothing to score the perfect date.

And they're using everything from Disney-themed dates and flashy Ferraris, to twerk teams, kittens and even Louboutins clad in cute promposal notes.

At the end of the day, the ultimate way to a high schooler's heart is asking with creative puns. Seriously, someone should give English teachers a round of applause because the promposal pun game is so strong.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these awesome high school promposals.

Hey girl, would you be up to going to prom with me?

Prom date proposals don't get more fly than this.

Use your brains... Or she'll eat them.

This promposal really makes a splash.

Prince Eric is one hell of a prom date catch.

You can't strike out with a promposal like this.

Listen to Drake, and say "yes" before it's too late.

Pastries and poems make the perfect promposal pair.

Do I still get to keep the cat if I don't go with you?

When it doubt, twerk it out.

Guys can get in on the twerking promposals, too.

Speaking of ass...

There's nothing worse than the solo prom struggle.

Forget limos, this Lamborghini promposal is on fleek.

Spelling it out in candles is the perfect way to shed some light on the whole prom date dilemma.

Who could turn down a man and his noble steed?

Saying "no" will definitely burst his bubble.

These sushi puns are seriously impressive.

Is there a doctor in the house?

If you have doubts, just use a pair of Loubs for leverage. No girl can resist the almighty power of red bottoms.

Ah, teenage love can be so cheesy at times.