Caleb Thal

Attention, Men: Having A Beard Can Actually Be Really Good For You

Rejoice, men of the furry-face tribe! Your furry faces aren't disgusting germ nests after all!

Beards are not the easiest things to maintain. They're thick, near your mouth and almost impossible not to continuously touch during the day.

It's no wonder there's always been a stigma about men's beards. People think a beard is less of a manly reminder to everyone you could chop down a large tree if need be and more just a glorified bacteria sponge glued to your face.

According to the BBC's “Trust Me, I'm a Doctor,” beards are actually pretty healthy for you. Have doubts? Don't worry. You can trust the guy on this. He's a doctor.

In order to test this, the doctor at BBC's “Trust Me, I'm a Doctor,” whom I trust is a doctor, swabbed 20 bearded dudes and sent the samples to be tested.

The study found while beards could have up to 100 different kinds of bacteria in them, they had microbes that counteracted those bacteria.

These antibodies keep the whole melting pot on your face from exploding, kind of like a cellular checks-and-balances system.

This isn't the first time a study like this showed beards to be healthy parts of bodies.

A study done for the Journal of Hospital Infection where 408 hospital workers were swabbed showed bearded workers were three times less likely to harbor bacteria causing MRSA infection.

Go for your daily beard walk today with a little more pride than normal.

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