Sorry Girls, Those Beards You Love Are Actually Covered In Poop

by Emily Arata

Before snuggling up to the beard of your dreams, think twice about exactly which bacteria you're embracing.

We're in the height of beard madness, and it seems as if nearly every Instagram features a man with face fuzz.

Dubious about the fad, a local news station from Albuquerque, New Mexico, asked microbiologist John Golobic to analyze the content of swabs from a variety of beards.

To put it concisely, the results aren't appetizing.

Golobic said some of the results surprised even his trained eye, telling KOAT,

Those [bacteria] are the types of things you'd find in feces.

To keep beards squeaky clean – sanitary enough to put near your mouth – Golobic recommends keeping the hands away from the face and making sure to specially wash that face-fringe.

Anything to prevent the "somewhat disturbing" level of accumulated grime Golobic observed during testing.

Of course, we're the same people who put disgusting smartphones near our faces after using them in the bathroom. Who are we to judge bearded men for their bacteria-laden ways?

Golobic told KOAT both hand- and beard-washing are necessary to prevent bacteria buildup.

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