No One's More Sad About President Obama Leaving Office Than This 4-Year-Old

Facebook/Andrea Tomlin

About 100 days from now, voters will head to the polls to the decide which candidates will replace President Obama. Still, there are sure to be some people who, if they had their way, would elect Obama for a third term.

One of those people is easily this little 4-year-old girl, Abella. Even though Abella isn't able to vote and wasn't even alive during the president's first term, she seems like as big a supporter of Obama as anyone, especially if we're judging by the video below.

Abella's mom, Andrea Tomlin, posted this clip of the child crying on Facebook.

Abella probably isn't the only one that's crying, especially since Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seem like the two most unlikeable candidates this century.

In one corner, you have a politician that swears by her integrity despite continuing to lie to us about the pettiest things. In the other corner is a guy whose campaign is full of so many dog whistles that it's surprising that he hasn't suffered a Ramsay Bolton-like fate yet.

Basically what I'm saying is, the crying baby might be on to something here.



Check that. The crying babies are on to something.

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