Calling Someone 'Donald Trump' Is The Savage New Insult Kids Are Using


Children can be extremely, unforgivably cruel. They bully each other, they call each other names, they torment one another, purely in order to see if they can. But sometimes they go too far. This is one of those times.

This child was called, by another child, "Donald Trump." Understandably, he immediately burst into tears.

Humans have been insulting each other for as long as they've been able to talk and knew what a "mom" was.

But today is the day that humanity begins to truly debase itself. How can our young ones treat one another with such cruelty?

Everyone* agrees with me. (*All non-Trump supporters, and most babies.)

Even our esteemed educators find this sort of behavior appalling.

I mean, to the eyes of a child, Donald Trump looks like every evil rich villain in a cartoon. Everything he owns is made of gold, he shouts all the time and his skin's hue is clearly inspired by Pixar's palette — it shouldn't come as a surprise that kids don't want to be likened to him. They haven't learned about racism or how being rich automatically makes you a good person yet.