Apple Might Announce iPhone 8 At Upcoming Event And Twitter Is Way Too Excited

by Collette Reitz
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Another day, another rumored iPhone 8 update. Except this time, we have actual news from Apple. OK, it's really just a picture of an invite to an event at the Steve Jobs Theater on September 12, but there is definitely a good reason to pay attention. People are pretty sure that this is when Apple might announce the iPhone 8, and Twitter's excited.

Twitter user, Marques Brownlee, tweeted a picture of his invite to the event from Apple, and the Twitter-verse went berserk. It is understandable, though, because the iPhone 8 rumors have been swirling around like crazy, and people just want to put an end to the madness. The questions are endless: Will there be wireless charging or not? What about OLED screens? When will it finally be released? How many brunches will you have to forgo to pay for it?

With the announcement of the September 12 event in Cupertino, there is finally a slight glimmer of hope that there will be some answers on the horizon. From the looks of it, this was just what the internet needed. Seriously, the reactions to this tweet are so extra (and hilarious). Since you still have to wait a couple of weeks to find out what will be revealed at the event, you can take a break from your rumor research and check out these amazing tweet replies instead.

For some, their initial response was to straight up dance for joy.

Other commenters opted to dive right into analyzing the invite for any and all clues.

A lot of people are reading into the colors on the invite. Blue iPhones???

Seriously, Apple knows how to tease its audience. Are the colors a clue or coincidence?

There was wishful thinking that the picture was an open invite.

Finally, as with most things, there was fitting response from the one and only Michael Scott.

You guys, it is happening, so go ahead prep yourself for September 12, when you can finally confirm or deny all of those rumors.