4 Awesome Ways The iPhone 8 Will Be A Major Upgrade From The iPhone 7

by Brenda Santana

With all of the chatter behind the upcoming iPhone 8, I bet you're all just dying to learn what the device will actually look like and what features it will actually have. Well, sorry to break it to you, but all we have are hearsay and speculation to go by. The good thing is that the rumor mill has brought us some pretty awesome information on the new phone, which proves the iPhone 8 might be better than the iPhone 7.

Even though we're super excited about the new generation phone, it's rumored to have a few faults. Some speculations say that the first batch of iPhones might not come with wireless charging after all, and that it might not come in white, so say goodbye to your aesthetic.

The new cell might come with a hefty thousand dollar price tag, too. Oh yeah, and recently news broke about the iPhone 8 coming without a home button, so it's likely that the new device will come with a feature to supplement the home button.

Still, techies everywhere are excited about the iPhone 8 because it may come with a variety of new features that previous devices have only dreamt of having, including:

Coming In The New Rose Gold

Yep, if you hadn't heard, the upcoming iPhone 8 might come in a new variation of gold called copper gold. The new shade has a few haters, but honestly, it looks very similar to the rose gold we all know and love.

Offering SmartCam Technology

Another rumored feature that might debut on the iPhone 8 is the SmartCam feature. SmartCam will allow users to take beautiful scenic photos that will completely bring up anyone's Instagram feed.

Infrared Facial Recognition

If you've finally gotten used to using your finger to unlock your phone by using Touch ID, it's time to go out with the old and in with the new. The upcoming iPhone 8 will probably use infrared facial recognition to unlock your phone instead. This new technology promises to even work in low lighting.

May Or May Not Have Wireless Charging

The verdict is still out on this one. Some sources claim the iPhone 8 will come with wireless charging, while others don't believe that to be true. Fast Company reported that Apple is having a hard time getting wireless software to work properly, so they'll probably end up offering the software after the next update.

I honestly can't wait to see what feature the iPhone will actually come with because I'm tired of the rumors.