60 Clever Things That Make Your Home Look So Much More Expensive For Less Than $35 On Amazon

Small price tag, big impact.

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I watch a lot of home renovation shows in my free time. Yes, they’ve fueled the dream of one day redesigning a home from top to bottom — but they’ve also taught me a lot of much easier, more affordable tricks when it comes to making my home look so much more expensive on a budget.

In other words, you don’t have to knock down walls or hire pricy specialists in order to upgrade the look and feel of your space. Organizing your clutter, reviving the furniture and belongings you already have, and decorating with stylish, functional pieces that real interior designers swear by can make a world of difference. And guess what? None of these things will cost you more than $35 on Amazon.

This Marble Lazy Susan That’s More Elevated Than Most

Lazy Susans are super functional when it comes to both storage and serving. This lazy Susan, however, is made with genuine marble. As a result, it’s just as functional as the wooden ones with its hidden steel ball bearing — but it also adds an elevated touch when used as a centerpiece, charcuterie board, or cake stand.

A Heat-Resistant Mat To Protect Your Surfaces

This silicone mat was designed to protect your countertop from your curling irons and straighteners. That said, since it’s heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and has a black, rectangular design, many reviewers also use it under kitchen appliances like air fryers, next to their gas grills, and at their workstations to hold their hot glue guns and soldering irons.

  • Available sizes: 7.75” x 7.75” —16” x 11”
Some Acrylic Shelves For The Minimalist Floating Effect You’ve Seen All Over Your Feed

These invisible shelves give the appearance of a minimalist floating bookcase. You can also use them to create extra storage for your spice collection, makeup, skin care, nail polish, and decor. Over 4,500 reviewers have given them an average 4.7-star rating because they’re durable, easy to clean, and come with everything you need for a quick installation.

Some Clear Stackable Drawers For Wherever You Need More Storage

Even though you can see everything inside thanks to their clear acrylic construction, these stackable makeup drawers take your vanity or bathroom counter from cluttered to chic in no time. Since they’re easy to clean and made from BPA-free plastic, you can also use them for tea bags, snacks in the refrigerator, office supplies, and more. “They stack nicely and don't slide off each other,” one reviewer wrote. You can get them in packs of three or four, too.

This Bamboo Bath Mat That “Looks Much Better” Than A Cloth Option

When compared to a standard cloth or foam option, reviewers wrote that this bamboo bath mat is “more sanitary” and “looks much better.” The wood catches drips of water straight out of the shower, while the non-slip pads grip the floor underneath. It’s also lightweight and folds or rolls up for storage and travel, which is why buyers also use them in their RVs.

  • Available sizes: Standard — Large, Long
  • Available colors: 3
This Chic Shower Curtain In A Ton Of Colors That Looks Like Linen

It may look like luxe linen, but this long fabric shower curtain has earned thousands of five-star ratings because it’s affordable and durable. The heavyweight polyester is water-resistant, designed to prevent billowing, and has 12 rust-proof metal grommets built right in. “It is soft and luxurious and hangs beautifully,” one reviewer wrote, plus it “washed and dried beautifully,” as well. Get it in tons of sizes and colors to suit your bathroom.

  • Available sizes: 78” x 72” — 96” x 72”
  • Available colors: 18
A Well-Designed Charcuterie Board With Drawers You’ll Love To Show Off

This isn’t your average cheese board. Whether you’re entertaining a group or just want to go all out on a snack, you’ll find its serving compartments for crackers, handles for easy transporting, and a built-in magnetic drawer with four serving utensils super helpful. Since it’s made from thick bamboo wood and has a cheese-themed decal in the center, reviewers have called it “absolutely gorgeous out of the box.”

This Cute Basket That’s Waterproof, Washable, & Self-Draining

Like a standard woven basket, this plastic basket is great for organization and gives your space a natural, airy feel. Unlike a woven basket, however, it has drainage holes at the bottom, and is waterproof, washable, and mildew-resistant. As a result, you can use it as a shower caddy, a fruit bowl, or a place to display your flowers — as well as a place to hide odds and ends.

  • Available colors: 3
A Washable Tablecloth That Looks More Expensive Than It Is

Updating (and protecting) your existing table has never been easier. Sold in five colors and eight shapes and sizes, this tablecloth looks more expensive than it is thanks to the linen-like weave and fabric tassels. In actuality, it’s made from cotton, so it’s machine-washable and “stain-resistant,” according to one reviewer.

  • Available sizes: Rectangle/Oblong 35 x 55 inch — Rectangle/Oblong 55 x 102 inch
  • Available colors: 5
These Organizers That Help You Marie Kondo Your Drawers

Marie Kondo wants you to store your clothes in horizontal rows so you can see everything at once. These drawer organizers help with their built-in dividers that separate and display your socks, underwear, bras, shirts, ties, or towels. You can also use them on closet shelves to minimize clutter and create a clothing storage system that works for you.

  • Available colors: 7
This Huge Felt Desk Pad You Can Use In So Many Ways

Available in dark gray or light gray, this giant felt desk pad measures 36 by 12 inches. It then functions as a huge mouse pad, a source of cushioning for your arms and wrists, and a moisture-absorbing layer of protection for your desk. It also does a great job of hiding stains. “It definitely upped the look of my desk set up,” one reviewer wrote.

  • Available colors: 2
This Minimalist Glass Shelf To Hold Your Console Or Cable Box

This floating entertainment shelf holds your gaming console, DVD player, or cable box without looking cluttered. Its tempered glass top has a steel bracket underneath that can support up to 22 pounds, and it comes with everything you need for a fast, easy installation. Some have even used it to subtly mount a projector, and they wrote that the finished result “looks very nice and clean.”

A Backlighting Kit That Reduces Eye-Strain & Makes Your Screens Look “Incredible”

Yes, the glow coming from behind your TV or computer monitor will look downright impressive — but this backlighting kit is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. The LED strip light reduces eye strain and creates a contrast that “adds incredible richness” to your screen. It’s also USB-powered, so it’s easy to plug into most computers and television sets, and it has an in-line remote so you can adjust the brightness.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
This Blade-Preserving Knife Dock So You Can Store Your Knives In A Drawer

Nothing elevates the look of a kitchen quite like clear, clutter-free countertops — which is why reviewers are ditching their knife blocks in lieu of this in-drawer knife dock. Its bamboo tray has a slim profile that’s designed to fit in most drawers, while its dividers are made from blade-protective cork. It can hold knives up to 12 inches long and does so in a safe, space-savvy way.

A Brilliant Way To Revive Your Favorite Furniture

If your favorite recliner, accent chair, or sofa is feeling a little saggy lately, don’t toss it out just yet. This best-selling support board slips underneath the cushions so you can see and feel the difference instantly. It comes in four sizes to fit various pieces of furniture and it’s wrapped in a grippy fabric so it actually stays put. “I'm so sorry I didn't order this sooner,” one reviewer wrote. “It's like my chair is brand new. No more sagging, fits perfectly, and very comfortable.”

  • Available sizes: Armchair — Sofa
This Live Plant In A Chic Vase That’s Easy To Take Care Of

This indoor tree ships live in your choice of three sizes and three modern planter pots. Reviewers rave that it’s “very well packaged,” “pet friendly,” and “easy to take care of” — all you need to do is place it somewhere with indirect sunlight and water it once a week.

  • Available sizes: Small — Large
  • Available colors: 3
These “Must-Have” Blockers That Stop Things From Going Under Furniture

These toy blockers have been called a “must-have” for households with pets, toddlers, or robotic vacuums. The gel adhesive sticks to hard floors without damage while the clear acrylic plastic fills the gap between your floor and your sofa to prevent toys and dust from getting underneath. They’re available in a few different heights and lengths, but they can also be trimmed to size if needed.

  • Available sizes: 1.6 by 80 inches — 3.2 by 128 inches
This Waffle-Weave Towel Set For A Shockingly Great Price

Nothing adds a spa-like touch to your bath quite like having coordinating towels. According to reviewers, these oversized bath towels are “so absorbent” and make them feel like they’re at “a hotel.” Combined with the waffle weave, the microfiber material is moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and super soft. Plus, each set of six includes two hand towels, two face towels, and two body towels — all for well under $40.

  • Available colors: 7
This Bed Skirt That’s Both Pretty & Practical

Hide your under-bed clutter and give your bedroom a warmer feel with this Amazon Basics bed skirt. Its pleated design conceals your box spring and helps to prevent dust build-up under the bed. Plus, the fabric resists wrinkles, fading, and staining for easy upkeep. Last but not least, it comes in four sizes and 11 colors to fit most beds and design styles.

  • Available sizes: Twin — King
  • Available colors: 11
This Affordable Outdoor Rug That’s Stylish & Durable

This outdoor rug is reversible, water-resistant, easy to clean, and comes in a ton of colors and sizes. Needless to say, it’s no wonder reviewers have used it to turn their balcony into an “oasis” and their patio into a “cozy” retreat — but the real surprise? Buyers are also using them inside: “I liked it so well, I bought a second one of a different pattern for the kitchen,” one wrote.

  • Available sizes: 4 x 6 Feet — 8 x 10 Feet
  • Available colors: 9
This Adhesive Caddy For Your Remotes, Phone, Or Office Supplies

Install this organizer caddy on the side of your desk to hold your pens and paper, next to your sofa to collect your remote controls, or beside your bed to hold your phone. It’s made from ABS plastic and has adjustable bamboo dividers so you can change the size of the compartments, plus the slit in the bottom allows you to feed wires through. Each order comes with an adhesive strip that should stick to most surfaces.

  • Available colors: 3
A Jewelry Stand That Turns Your Collection Into An Art Piece

Thanks to its solid wood base and carbonized black metal rungs, this jewelry tree stand is as much an art piece as it is an organizer. It offers plenty of designated storage for your earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces, so everything is easy to access but resists tangling and damage. You can even adjust the height to suit your longest necklace.

Or This Modern Jewelry Box That’s Stylish & Functional

This modern jewelry box has earned an overall 4.7-star rating due to its stylish appearance and functional design. Four velvet-lined drawers have diverse compartments to hold your rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, while the acrylic casing allows you to see your collection at a glance. It’s also tiered, so it takes up minimal space on your dresser or vanity.

  • Available colors: 2
This Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit That Protects Against Fingerprints & Dust

I have stainless steel appliances, so fingerprints and watermarks are an inevitability. Weiman is the only brand I’ll use to clean them because its pH-based formula not only removes smudges but leaves behind a shiny barrier that resists prints and dust. This Weiman cleaner kit comes with wipes, a spray, and a microfiber cloth, all for under $25.

An Upright Rack To Store Your Cutting Boards, Baking Trays, & More

Cutting boards and baking trays are notoriously hard to store, but this organizer rack makes it so much easier. Its five 1-inch slots hold the items vertically, so you can see your entire collection and grab the one you need without upsetting the rest of them. According to reviewers, it’s also great for other hard-to-store odds and ends like pizza stones, unused shelves, cooling racks, cast iron grills, and pot lids.

  • Available sizes: 1/2” Width — 1” Width
This $8 Kit That Repairs Ripped Screens In Under A Minute

Instead of replacing your entire screen or living with a gaping hole in it, this $8 screen repair kit helps you patch up holes in no time. Just remove the backing and cut the mesh to the desired size before slapping the patch over the hole and applying heat with a hair dryer. In under 45 seconds, the mesh will melt into the existing screen so it works like new. In addition to window and door screens, you can also use it for tents and porches.

This Brilliant Way To Contain Your Cord Clutter

No matter how clean you keep your home, cord clutter is inevitable — especially when it comes to your home office, media space, or charging station. Get your wires under wraps with this brilliant cable sleeve, which has a built-in zipper so collecting and containing your cords takes mere seconds. “Being cloth, they look great anywhere, and it's easy to organize existing setups because they start completely unzipped,” one reviewer wrote. “Nice big capacity as well, you could fit probably 10 standard power supply wires in one sleeve.”

The “Best Value” When It Comes To Elegant Food Storage Containers

If you’re looking for coordinating food storage containers, reviewers wrote that these ones are the “best value” because they offer “elegant, efficient storage” for significantly less. They come in various shapes and sizes to store your pasta, rice, candy, and baking ingredients — all with universal airtight lids, clear exteriors, and free chalkboard labels.

This Silicone Tray That Protects Your Countertops From Heat Or Mildew

Use this silicone organizer tray wherever you need to protect your countertops and encourage mildew-free water drainage. Since it’s heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and has raised ribs to keep your items from sitting in a pool of water, reviewers use it to hold their soap, sponges, scrubbers, cookware, toothbrushes, and potted plants.

  • Available sizes: 5.2” x 4” — 12” x 4”
  • Available colors: 7
This Extendable Broom That Helps With Tons Of Outdoor Projects

Scrub your siding, sweep your deck, wash your garage, or get dirt off your awnings using this extendable broom. It comes with an 11-inch hard-bristle brush and a lightweight but durable aluminum pole that reaches up to 6 feet when fully extended. The universal metal screw tip is also designed to fit standard attachments for other projects, too, including roof rakes, paint rollers, and pruning saws.

A Bamboo Storage Box For Your Tea Collection

This tea box is my go-to wedding gift for almost everyone in my life (I usually customize the acrylic window with the couples’ names using my Cricut), but I have one for myself, too. Since it’s made from bamboo and has 10 compartments that fit most teabags, it’s a stylish way to organize and display my collection. When my company wants tea, they can also see all of their options at a glance.

These Big, Durable Storage Bins That Reviewers Keep Coming Back For

These plastic storage bins are pretty simple — just durable BPA-free plastic with built-in handles — but according to reviewers, it’s the simplicity that makes them so versatile and sleek. “I ended up ordering twice already and may order more,” one reviewer wrote. Their large, rectangular design makes them ideal for organizing everything from cleaning supplies and clothes to towels and pantry staples, which explains the average 4.8-star rating.

This Brushed Steel Turntable That’s Chic Enough To Leave Out

This two-tier lazy Susan works well to organize your spices, snacks, and canned goods within your cabinets. That said, due to its sleek, brushed stainless steel design and raised rim, reviewers have also used it to display their perfume collection and create a countertop beverage station that holds K-cups, coffee grounds, tea bags, and sugar. It’s even roomy enough to hold mugs and glasses.

These Timeless Kitchen Towels That Actually Absorb Water

If you have a “drawer full of unused dish towels that just aren't absorbent,” these dishcloths “are the ones,” one reviewer wrote. They’re made from 100% cotton, so they’re soft, machine-washable, dryer-safe, and actually capable of soaking up moisture. They also come in six different color options, all with a timeless striped design.

  • Available colors: 6
These Slim, Non-Slip Hangers With Built-In Accessory Bars

A few years ago, I ditched all of my mismatched plastic hangers for some premium velvet hangers, and I’ve never looked back. They’re ultra-slim to save space in your closet, non-slip so even the silkiest fabrics stay put, durable enough to support up to 10 pounds each, and come in packs of 20 for just $15, so you can update your entire collection on a budget. These ones even have built-in accessory bars for ties, scarves, shawls, and belts.

  • Available colors: 5
This Touch-Control Table Lamp With USB Ports For Charging

When placed next to your bed, on your work desk, or in your reading nook, this touch-control lamp is both stylish and practical. Its wooden base and fabric shade match virtually any color scheme (though it comes in 11 other style options), but it’s not all about looks; it’s also USB-powered with a touch-control base, adjustable brightness levels, and two USB ports to charge your devices.

  • Available colors: 12
These Foldable Plastic Storage Boxes That Can Fit Boots

These foldable storage boxes are big enough to hold your winter boots, not to mention stackable for use in the closet and slim enough to fit under most beds. You can also use them for clothes, books, toys, and other types of shoes — especially since the ventilation holes ensure proper air circulation. Last but not least, they’re transparent so you know what’s inside each one, and when they’re not in use, they collapse down flat.

A Laptop Stand That Could Also Improve Posture

“Having my computer up higher makes video calls so much easier on my neck and back,” one reviewer wrote about this laptop stand. Another raved that it “improves your posture” since it raises your laptop 6 inches higher so it’s at eye level. The aluminum alloy frame is lightweight but sturdy enough to support most laptops between 10 and 15.6 inches — plus it allows for increased airflow to prevent overheating and creates more space on your desk for accessories and supplies.

  • Available colors: 8
Some Apothecary Jars That Turn Your Clutter Into Decor

If you’re running out of cabinet space in your bathroom, these mini apothecary jars are a great way to turn your clutter into decor. Use them to store your Q-tips, cotton balls, hair ties, or bath salts. The glass is free from lead and BPA, the lids are moisture-resistant, and the vintage design looks great on any exposed shelf, vanity, or countertop.

Or This Dispenser For Your Most-Used Items

For those who regularly use cotton swabs and rounds, this hinged storage organizer keeps them protected, but accessible. (It’s also significantly less bulky than keeping them in their original boxes.) Its center divider offers two equal-sized compartments, while its clear lid is dust-proof, but still allows you to see what’s inside. Reviewers also love that they stack and can be used for tampons, wipes, hair pins, and makeup sponges, too.

These Dividers That Create Customized Compartments In Almost Any Drawer

Create your own custom compartments in almost any drawer with these expandable dividers. Their spring-loaded mechanisms and foam rubber pads help you organize office supplies, utensils, clothes, and cosmetics. The single-button installation also doesn’t require any tools, glue, or drilling.

An Easy-To-Use Putty That Helps You Repair Holes In The Wall

You don’t need to know how to spackle in order to fix a hole in your wall. This Erase-A-Hole drywall putty has an overall 4.5-star rating from almost 10,000 reviewers who wrote that it’s “super easy to use” and the “end result is fantastic.” The water-based formula also works on plaster and wood, and it won’t shrink, dry out, or require sanding.

This Stretchy Storage Strap That Has Tons Of Uses

“Bought these for my RV power cables but they have so many other uses,” one reviewer wrote about these Wrap-It storage straps. The elastic design stretches to 1.5 times its original length so you can bundle cords. That said, since it’s weatherproof and has an extra-durable nylon hook, you can also use it for hose storage, luggage security, tool organization, and strapping down loose items in vehicles.

Or These Wraps With Built-In Handles

For things that require both organization and transportation, these Wrap-It carrying straps have a built-in handle so you can comfortably carry your gear. They also secure with velcro, hold up to 50 pounds each, and are weatherproof for use indoors and out. As a result, they’re great for extension cords, hoses, building materials, and plenty more.

This Cleaning Paste That I Use On Basically Everything

I was skeptical about the viral Pink Stuff before I tried it, but now I use this viral cleaning paste on just about everything. Its gritty texture removes grime, rust stains, and stubborn food on basically any surface without scratching it, which explains why it’s a number-one best-seller with more than 165,000 reviews. The formula is also cruelty-free and non-toxic.

These Tablets That Clean Mildew, Build-Up & Limescale From Your Dishwasher

Contrary to popular belief, your dishwasher doesn’t clean itself with every load of dishes. Food residue, limescale, and minerals do build up, especially inside the parts you can’t see — which is where Affresh dishwasher cleaner comes in. These septic-safe tablets clean the tub, valves, and hoses and can be used with virtually any make and model. They also get rid of the mildewy smell and leave behind a fresh lemon scent, according to reviewers.

These Blackout Curtains That Saves You Money Down The Line

It costs under $20 a piece to begin with, even though its 52-by-84-inch size is large enough to cover most big windows and doors. That said, this blackout curtain is also made from a special polyester weave that blocks UV rays and better insulates your home, “keeping the air nice and cold inside in the summer” and “the heat in in the winter,” one reviewer wrote. As a result, this purchase might actually end up saving you money in utilities down the line.

  • Available sizes: 52 in x 63 in — 108” x 52”
  • Available colors: 5
A Cream That Helps Clean & Condition Your Leather

While it also works well on shoes, jackets, and bags, this two-in-one leather solution is also a great way to breathe new life into your old leather furniture. It both cleans and conditions the material, plus it dries in minutes and without a greasy residue, according to reviewers. “Amazing! [...] I’ve had a real leather couch for about four years now and it’s seen better days,” one wrote. “It made my couch super soft and evened the tone out a bit more.”

These Drawer Liners That Smells Like Fresh Linen

Sold in seven colors, this drawer liner rejuvenates an old dresser or bedside table in two ways: For one, its damask print gives every drawer a custom-like feel and a pop of style. For another, the paper is scented with French fragrance oils that smell like linen, so your clothes and other items stay fresh. The non-adhesive design lays flat and protects your drawers without damaging glue, so you can swap out the paper at any time.

  • Available colors: 7
Some Belgian Linen Pillowcases That Won’t Break The Bank

Get in on the linen aesthetic for less than $35. These linen pillow shams give you a taste of the feel and aesthetic without going over budget. They’re made from 100% genuine flax from Belgium, and since they resist fading and pilling, they actually get better with every wash. “So lovely and comfortable,” one reviewer wrote.

  • Available sizes: 20”x26” — 20”x40”
  • Available colors: 17
Or These Cult-Favorite Sheets For Hotel Quality On A Budget

These deep-pocket sheets have earned an overall 4.5-star rating from an astonishing number of reviewers (over 250,000, to give you an idea of their popularity on Amazon). They’re made from brushed microfiber, which is soft, lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and silky, according to reviewers. Since they’re wrinkle-resistant and wash well, they’re also surprisingly low-maintenence.

  • Available sizes: Twin — Split King
  • Available colors: 45
This Grill Cleaner That’s “So Much Better” Than A Brush

Works so much better than my dirty old brush,” one reviewer wrote about this Cave Tools metal grill scraper. Why? Its grooves are specifically designed to scrape rounded edges on grills, its flat edge works well for griddles, its leather handle offers grip and leverage, and its steel head won’t shed into your grill (the way bristled brushes do). It even has a built-in bottle opener on the other end.

A Broom Holder That Just Became The MVP Of My Closet

I finally got tired of using my pantry cabinet for brooms and vacuums, so I just built a utility closet in my tiny home. This broom holder seriously boosted the functionality of the space. Its spring-loaded, non-slip slots automatically close around most handles, including brooms and mops. (I chose this one specifically because the slots were wide enough to accommodate my vacuum and steamer handles, too.) In addition to the self-gripping slots, it also has six retractable hooks for odds and ends — and I had the thing mounted in about 15 minutes.

This Kitchen Stand That’s “One Of The Best Purchases” Reviewers Have Made

It might initially seem like a simple thing, but reviewers rave that this Yamazaki utensil standsolved a big issue” for them in the kitchen and is one of the “best purchases” they have “ever made.” Its durable steel, weighted base, temperature-resistant materials, and raised edge hold both your ladle and your lid, catching any drips from condensation or soup run-off. You can even use it as a tablet or book stand while reading a recipe.

Some Cozy, Affordable Pillow Covers That Add Color & Texture

Whether you have some old pillows that could use some updating or you can’t afford to spend $50 on new ones, these throw pillow covers are the answer. They come in over 25 color options and almost 10 sizes, but they’re all made from a cozy corduroy material with pom poms around the edges. Put them over existing pillows or grab a few inexpensive inserts, and you’ve got an easy, budget-friendly way to add color and texture to your space.

  • Available sizes: 12”x”12 —26”x26”
  • Available colors: 27
& These Inexpensive Pillow Inserts To Complete The Look

Pair the above pillow covers (or any covers of your choosing) with these pillow inserts, and you’ve got a new set of stylish throw pillows that cost significantly less than department-store options. They’re sold in over a dozen dimensions to fit most common cover sizes. Most importantly, they’re filled with siliconized fiber inside of a brushed fabric casing, so your pillows stay full, fluffy, and comfortable.

  • Available sizes: 12x12 inch — 28x28 inch
  • Available colors: 7
These Adorable Suitcases For Unique Storage

Spice up your clutter containment with these vintage suitcases. They come in a huge selection of solid colors, mixed patterns, and cute prints, all crafted from recycled cardboard with brass or leatherette handles. “I'm using them to store items on my night table,” one reviewer wrote, while another put them in their daughter’s playroom to organize “doll clothes and little trinkets.”

  • Available colors: 13
A Kit To Repair & Restore All Things Wood

This total wood repair kit comes with scratch repair markers, wax crayons, and wood fillers in eight different popular colors — plus application brushes, a crayon sharpener, and a smoothing spatula. All in all, it contains the basic tools you’ll need to cover up scuffs, fix discoloration, and fill nicks in your wood furniture or floors. One reviewer who had “lots of deep scratches and wood chipping” due to their new puppy wrote, “made my wood floors look beautiful again!”

This Ceramic Coating Spray That Lifeproofs Most Surfaces

This Lifeproof spray creates a non-toxic, ceramic coating on various surfaces. You can use it on glass, countertops, stainless steel, appliances, and everything else you want to protect. It then aims to resist fingerprints, water spots, soap scum, and mineral build-up for up to 12 months — which, according to reviewers “reduces the need to frequently clean stainless steel appliances” and keeps their stuff “shiny and new looking.”

These Splash Mats That Keep Your Pet’s Food Messes Contained

These splash mats have raised edges and a wipe-clean silicone material that contains kibble, wet food, and water. They come in several sizes and colors to suit your pet. That said, granted they’re also flexible, non-slip, and waterproof, reviewers have found tons of additional uses for them — including as trays under the sink and to catch drainage water from potted plants.

  • Available sizes: S — XXL
  • Available colors: 5