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a couple having an intimate moment, which can entangle your auras

Here’s How Your Aura Changes When You Have Sex With Someone

It’s a vibe shift (literally).


Ever felt the energy in a room instantly shift when a person enters? That would be their aura, or energetic field, you’re sensing. It’s the “vibe” you feel when you’re interacting with a first date, a potential hookup, your barista, a passerby on the sidewalk... you get the idea.

So do they just get up, take their vibe, and go? Perhaps, if you’re only engaging in a brief conversation. But when it comes to tangling energies in the most intimate way possible — formally known as doin’ the dirty — everyone’s auras are greatly affected, and not just for the duration of your horizontal escapades.

“There’s going to be some overlap in your energetic fields,” says medical intuitive and author Amy Leigh Mercree, a holistic practitioner who taps into people’s energy to help them get in touch with their mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Here, she tells Elite Daily more about how the aura changes during sex, and the results will have you thinking more closely about who you’re swiping right on.

Your Aura Is The Energy You Project

If the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word “aura” is a woo-woo-looking portrait with a rainbow haze overlaid across the top, you’re thinking of aura photography, which is only a small piece of the puzzle for Mercree. “There’s much more to auras than just color,” she says.

To get hyper-scientific, “auras are biologically generated electromagnetic fields around all living things that are comprised of sub-atomic particles called photons,” Mercree explains. If you think about the electricity of a corded lamp, there’s the electrons that travel along the wire, and the photons, traveling outside the wire as an electromagnetic force. If you’re the wire, the photons buzzing around outside of you make up your energy field.

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Everything happening within you emits out as your aura, and in turn, influences your reality. What’s more, your aura is constantly changing. “If we cleanse it and infuse it with high vibrational energy like joy, we can amplify it,” Mercree explains. To some degree, she says, you can positively manipulate your aura’s frequency to make things happen in your life — hello, manifesting!

Things like what you eat, how well you sleep, and the energy of those around you are factors that can change up your aura. The latter is how it all ties back to sex, because if anything is going to throw your aura for a loop, it's the act of literally merging it with someone else’s.

Sex Majorly Affects Your Aura... For Better Or Worse

You’ve probably noticed that some people seem to energize you or boost your mood, while others feel like they’re sucking the life out of you. This effect can be explained by your combined auras.

Auras can overlap when you’re cuddling on the couch or even when your dog comes up and lays on your lap — basically, anytime you interact with another living being. The closer you are to the person or being, the more open you are to absorbing their energy because your guard is down.

Sex Is An Energy Exchange

Everyone knows intimacy is, well, intimate, but the degree to which you’re bonding with a partner is on another level when it comes to your auras. Sex is just about as close to someone as you can get, even if it’s just a hookup — it is quite literally an energy exchange.

This is when you’re most receptive to absorbing another person’s aura. “We’re going into almost an altered state — a state of less thinking, more feeling, and being,” explains Mercree. “We’re even more open [during sex], so we’ll feel more of whatever’s in the field and the energetic body.”

In a lot of cases, this can be great. “That’s how we gain a deep, innate understanding of one another,” says Mercree. Like tantric sex, banging with the auras in mind can be a highly spiritual and bonding experience.

If your partner’s aura resonates with or works well for you, combining your frequencies via sex will be a marvelously positive experience and make you even closer. On the flip side, if their vibes are not it, you will also feel that.

After The Hookup, Your Vibes May Feel Different

When your partner is positively dripping in good energy, you’ll leave with the remnants of their feel-good aura influencing your own. You might even take on their positive attitude going forward — a great thing if you’re in need of a vibrational boost.

But of course, there’s also the opposite: Maybe your energetic feelers were off and your hookup turned out to be a certified Debbie Downer, or your long-time partner had a bad day — whatever the scenario, you can just as easily pick up bad vibes that leech onto your energetic body, causing your aura to suffer as a result.

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Remember that Lindsay Lohan movie Just My Luck? Chris Pine’s character has the worst luck imaginable, stepping in dog poop at every turn until a fateful kiss from Lohan swaps their fates, turning her from the luckiest girl alive into someone dealing with floods, power outages, and even a night in jail. Think of that film as an extremely dramatized depiction of taking on someone’s negative energy after a romantic encounter.

The way sex impacts your aura can also depend on how satisfying it was. During a good romp, there’s a lot of positive energetic movement in the body. But during particularly unsatisfying sex, Mercree says energy tends to get stuck. “I do notice, in that case, the dense energy of frustration,” she says.

You Can Cleanse Your Aura If It Feels Off

In the Just My Luck universe, Lohan’s bad luck lasts until the pair share another kiss. Luckily, you don’t have to revisit your hookup IRL to dispel unwanted energy. The length of time your partner’s energies linger around your aura depends on the person and your connection with them. “If it’s a good encounter and not a repeating one, then the energy would probably dissipate within about 48 hours,” Mercree says.

If you’re not trying to wait around for days for it to dispel on its own, you can intentionally clear your aura with things like meditation, sound and smoke cleansing, and aromatherapy. “I would cleanse your aura if you knew it wasn’t a frequency you wanted to dwell in,” she says.

Certain activities are also innately aura- and energy-cleansing, “like going in the sun, vigorous exercise, going in a sauna and sweating, showering, and salt baths,” says Mecree. As long as the negative vibes from the hookup aren’t hanging around, your day-to-day activities will rinse away old energies over time. “Ideally, you keep the good and you let whatever else go,” she adds. Hopefully your next sexcapade will bring better luck into your life.


Amy Leigh Mercree, best-selling author, holistic health expert, and medical intuitive.