jake cunningham and april melohn's auras influenced their relationship on the ultimatum

An Aura Reader Analyzed All The Relationships On 'The Ultimatum'

Her explanations make so much sense.

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been marathoning everyone’s favorite trainwreck, The Ultimatum, wondering what on Earth would possess someone to appear on such a show. Sure, the people bringing their reluctant partners said they wanted a ring on it. But is there more than meets the eye? I spoke to Mystic Michaela, a celebrity psychic and aura reader, to get the truth behind the drama.

While anyone can learn to see auras, Mystic Michaela was born with the gift. She sees auras like the rest of us see eye color or height. So while you see Billie Eilish as a pale, blue-eyed, black-haired beauty, Mystic Michaela sees her as all of that surrounded by a green and purple energy field.

She describes auras as colored “energy fields” that envelop us. According to what Mystic Michaela sees, there are 10 aura colors: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, indigo, pink, turquoise, rainbow, and crystal. The latter four are rare, while the first six appear quite frequently. These hues are Michaela’s own interpretations; another aura reader might see people differently. Every color has its own quirks and characteristics (something she observed after many years doing psychic readings) and each person has two (or sometimes three) colors that combine to create a unique pattern, with one shade generally taking the lead.

Like snowflakes, no two auras are alike. Imagine you and your friend tried on the same sweater. It would look a little different on each of you, right? Auras give Mystic Michaela insight into a person’s personality, behavior, and thinking. She can also see how two auras react within the context of a relationship.

Here’s a quick primer on how the colors Mystic Michaela sees in The Ultimatum cast, plus how each behaves in a relationship.

Red auras: Fiery reds love to take charge in life and relationships. They love sex and need lots of it! However, they do need a little bit of guidance as far as their partner’s needs go. They tend to think everything is all good until they hear otherwise.

Yellow auras: Organized yellows love to set up “special memories and unique moments,” says Mystic Michaela. They are very practical and love planning. Yellows can find out anything and won’t stop until they get the dirt. Trying to lie to a yellow is a fool’s game.

Green auras: Logical greens are very detail-oriented and can be very focused on their partners. Greens can have a tendency to love-bomb. While they tend to be less emotional when it comes to expressing their vulnerability, they can be extremely passionate towards their partners. Some greens can have an aversion to labels, Mystic Michaela says, “because it forces an expectation on them they aren't comfortable with.”

Blue auras: Sensitive blues are empaths. They want their partner to be happy and find it hard to self-advocate. They need reassurance that what they are doing in the relationship is appreciated by their partner.

Purple auras: Spontaneous purples crave passion. If there’s no chemistry, they tap out. They like to try new things and don’t mind “pushing out of their comfort zone,” says Mystic Michaela. They need feedback and like to talk about their relationship. Purples value authenticity and cannot fake how they feel. They also love a little drama to spice it up.

Turquoise auras: Turquoises have a tendency to blend-in. They often roll with the punches which makes them seem easygoing. Turquoises can “be invisible in relationships so they need to self-advocate,” says Mystic Michaela. However, they can be stubborn on certain issues important to them and when they do speak up for themselves it can be seen as too assertive.

Madlyn Ballatori & Colby Kissinger’s Auras


Madlyn: Yellow and purple.

Madlyn’s yellow aura suggests that she is very practical and forthright, while the purple allows her to call things as she sees them. “Authenticity is very important to Madlyn’s purple aura,” says Mystic Michaela. Additionally, “sometimes yellow people can come off as cold, but they’re just being honest.” Remember when Madlyn told Colby, “The only thing scarier than losing you right now would be to marry you?” Yeah.

Colby: Green and purple.

Colby’s green and purple aura creates a push-pull effect. “The purple part of him is like, ‘I want to do this and I want to be that person,’ and then the more logical green part starts to care what others think.” Colby’s green needs to be perceived a certain way by others — and Madlyn sees through that. “He has to be seen as a gentleman and well-intentioned,” says Mystic Michaela. “It's important for others to see him how he wants to be, based on how he feels he should be.” On The Ultimatum, these illusions began to shatter, particularly in his interactions with Alexis, who repeatedly insisted that Colby wasn’t a nice person because he wasn’t attracted to her.

How Madlyn and Colby’s auras impacted their relationship:

According to Mystic Michaela, the yellow side of Madlyn’s aura seems to want a little less daydreaming and concern over appearances and a little more down-to-earth practicality in her relationship. She felt those traits were lacking in Colby, but she said she found them in Randall Griffin, her trial-marriage husband.

When Colby was caught texting another woman, Madlyn’s yellow aura had questions. “Yellows need all the details and receipts,” Mystic Michaela says. In the end, Madlyn “discovered as much as she could about it in order to feel comfortable and in control over it.” Ultimately, in meeting the other women and realizing he might lose Madlyn, Colby seemed to realize he feels safest and most secure with Madlyn.

Alexis Maloney & Hunter Parr’s Auras


Alexis: Yellow and purple.

Though Alexis’s aura is also yellow and purple, she’s very different from Madlyn. Her purple aura thrives on high drama while her “yellow aura is concentrated on more material things,” says Mystic Michaela. To her point, Alexis initially worried that Hunter didn’t make as much money as she does.

Hunter: Green and blue.

Hunter’s green aura values logic, and his blue aura cares about harmony and family. “He can ignore drama in favor of keeping the peace in the relationship,” says Mystic Michaela. Doesn’t that sound like a guy who would propose marriage and leave a reality show for the sake of his relationship?

How Alexis and Hunter’s auras impacted their relationship:

After Alexis was rejected by Colby, her yellow aura led her to realize only Hunter would treat her the way she wants to be treated. Her purple aura’s penchant for drama led her to make an impassioned speech about how much she loves Hunter. Once logical green aura Hunter heard Alexis, he “realized that this is what everyone should be hearing from their significant other. She said the right words which unlocked that logical gate around his idea about marriage,” Mystic Michaela says. And thus, he proposed. “The two of them are like puzzle pieces whose opposite personalities fit together,” she adds.

Lauren Pounds & Nate Ruggles’ Auras


Lauren: Turquoise and purple.

Nate brought his girlfriend Lauren to the show because he wanted to get married, even though she was pretty sure she didn’t. But as someone with a turquoise aura, she went along with it because it’s what Nate wanted. However, when it came to having children, she was on the fence. “Turquoise people can allow themselves to be led by their partner’s needs and desires,” says Mystic Michaela. “She felt very pushed into this experience. I don’t get the sense this is something she wanted to do.”

Nate: Yellow and blue.

The yellow and blue aura in Nate wants the image of the white picket fence, family, and kids, less because he seemingly wanted it in his heart, but because it seems like something he “should” want. Like Alexis, his yellow perfectionist tendencies were crushed when he realized the other cast members weren’t likely to pick him for a trial marriage. Mystic Michaela’s conclusion? “He realized not getting what he wanted [kids] is 100 times better [for him] than not being wanted. He was so afraid of being unwanted that he chose to be with Lauren.”

How Lauren and Nate’s auras impacted their relationship:

Lauren’s turquoise aura means she likely relies on her intuitive nature to draw conclusions. So, even though Nate’s proposal was a major surprise, she had the tools to handle it. “They latch on to their significant other’s true self,” Mystic Michaela says. It seems that Lauren felt she knew Nate well enough to trust his proposal and say yes to an engagement, regardless of how shocking it was to everyone else.

Rae Williams & Zay Wilson’s Auras


Rae: Purple, yellow, and blue.

Rae is a rare tricolor, and as Mystic Michaela puts it, “usually, tricolors tend to be confused about things. Having three energy colors ruling you instead of two can be overwhelming. It's easy to lose trust in yourself.” For example, in Episode 1, when the producers asked Rae why she loves Zay, she struggled to come up with an answer. Rae was holding onto more opinionated people to make choices for her,” Mystic Michaela says. This made it easy for her to connect with Zay’s very resolute red and blue aura.

Zay: Red and blue.

Opposites attract. Red auras know what they want, they go after it, and they have no qualms about telling people what they think. However, “as a blue, he can feel very sensitive and vulnerable.” This may explain why he craved a deeper emotional connection with Rae.

How Rae and Zay’s auras impacted their relationship:

Rae and Zay fit together well... for a while. He wanted her to open up and share more about her feelings for him, whereas she couldn’t always find her words. However, their trial marriages (with Jake Cunningham and Shanique Imari, respectively) changed their dynamic for good. “When Rae was with Jake, she really woke up to who she is,” Mystic Michaela says. “She outgrew the need to follow Zay’s lead.” Jake and Rae’s auras were more compatible, as they easily gave each other room to be their true selves.

“Zay’s red aura may have needed her to be more dependent on his wants and needs, and now that she’s comfortable in her own energy, that newfound strength can create an insecure feeling in him,” explains Mystic Michaela. After Zay realized things weren’t going his way with Rae, he left for an entire night, shutting his phone off and not telling Rae where he was.

Mystic Michaela explains that as someone with a red aura, “He put up an angry wall. If he seemed mean or shut down, it was because he was hurt. As a child, perhaps his feelings weren’t met with safety, so he learned how to throw up the red aura in a defensive mode.” Zay spoke openly on The Ultimatum about his difficult childhood, so this theory has some backing.

April Melohn & Jake Cunningham’s Auras


April: Purple and blue.

As one of the few women on the show without a yellow aura, April’s motivations for giving her partner an ultimatum are a bit different. Like many purples, April enjoys a dose of excitement. “Then, he is able to step in and be her knight in shining armor,” Mystic Michaela says. However, the one thing he wouldn’t do is propose. Her purple aura craved that next step in their relationship; her blue aura, which sought reassurance, created a similar effect.

Jake: Green and blue.

As a green and blue aura raised by a single mother, it’s not surprising that Jake doted on April by buying her a car. Green auras are logical and like to provide, while blue auras are sensitive and caring. Jake has “always been the quintessential good guy,” says Mystic Michaela. While he initially told April, “I hope at the end of this experience I’ll be on one knee,” his feelings changed after he met Rae.

How April and Jake’s auras impacted their relationship:

Jake’s green aura allowed him to be detached and take the backseat in his relationship, where he could “focus on April’s measurement of whether he was ‘good’ or not,” Mystic Michaela says. But after he met Rae, he was able to confront April. He said, “You get pissed off at me for every little thing. You want a kid now, you want a house now, you want marriage now. You want everything right now. When do you look at what I want?”

The blue woke up and now the green in him (which is naturally reflective) needs to re-evaluate how to navigate moving forward in all relationships,” Mystic Michaela explains. While Jake and April’s relationship eventually unraveled, Mystic Michaela observes that Jake and Rae “feel like kindred spirits. They were there to jumpstart each other’s spiritual awakening.”

When Jake and April reunited during their trial marriage, he found out she had texted several men she met at a club. “You’ve been playing games this whole time,” Jake told her. Only this time, Jake wasn’t interested in saving the day.

Shanique Imari & Randall Griffin’s Auras


Shanique: Yellow and purple.

Like every other yellow aura on the show, Shanique has her idea of how things should be. Practicality and order are essential to yellow auras, and Shanique is no exception. “I feel like Shanique is aware she has many requirements and ‘shoulds’ in a relationship,” says Mystic Michaela. “She went about getting her very yellow structured life goals accomplished in a purple way: by going on a reality TV show.”

Randall: Green and blue.

Randall’s laidback green aura generally goes along with what Shanique wants. But when it comes to marriage, he simply wasn’t ready. Randall seemingly “didn’t want the labels,” says Mystic Michaela. (Being anti-label is so classically green.) He also told Shanique he didn’t want to marry her until he paid off his debt, which Mystic Michaela says is “such a green aura thing” because this color is so detail-oriented. The nitty-gritty of his finances are likely to be top of mind. Ultimately “he may continue to find reasons to put off marriage,” she says. That said, he’s a nurturing blue aura, as well, and “he’s there for her and he loves her.”

How Shanique and Randall’s auras impacted their relationship:

Shanique and Randall decided to get engaged, then broke up six months later. During the reunion special, Shanique said, “Those foundational things that we talked about started presenting themselves.” According to Mystic Michaela, “Her yellow aura still wants things to be a certain way and to meet her expectations.” As for Randall, he realized through a tough year of losing many loved ones, Shanique was still there for him. His logical green aura “sees her steadfastness as a sign of her love,” she says. Though they are no longer engaged, these two lovebirds are dating again “He’s my best friend in every way,” Shanique said. “We’re just trying to take it one step at a time.”

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