Naria A. Willis


Naria is a Washington D.C. based writer, world traveler, and academic talking global development, business, innovation, culture and communication.

7 Ways To Come Off As A Nice Guy Instead Of A Creep When Approaching Women

By Naria A. Willis
There's no good way to get a girl to talk to you, but there's definitely a wrong way, and it all boils down to whether you're being respectful or not. Men have yet to realize yelling across the street, grabbing girls to dance (Why can't you just…

6 Places To Make Friends When You're New To A City And Bored AF

By Naria A. Willis
Moving to a new city can be daunting, especially if you don't know anyone. As easy as it can be for Netflix to become your new best friend, I'm sure you typically don't want to go to a bar or to brunch alone. So, you have to make friends. But how?…

This Is Why You Shouldn't Want To Be Any Younger Than You Are Right Now

By Naria A. Willis
It's hard to live in a society where youth is valued above all else. Youth is associated with being more fun, more free, more lively and everything else in between. Products line the shelves to help people look and feel young, and the media and…

5 Types Of Privilege You Probably Have No Idea You're Benefiting From

By Naria A. Willis
You've likely heard the term "privilege" being thrown around without exactly knowing what it means. Privilege, by definition, is "a right, immunity or benefit enjoyed only by one person beyond the advantages of most." Basically, to have privilege is…

Why You Should Feel Lucky If Your Future After Graduation Is Still Unclear

By Naria A. Willis
Last week, I did something monumental. I graduated college. And much like other young twenty-somethings, my college graduation was filled with inspired moments and quotes from the songs, TV shows and movies I've seen of college graduations. Captions…